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If it’s the Golden Fortune, it has to be good  

If it’s the Golden Fortune,

it has to be good



By Holly Wells

There are over 14 Chinese/Japanese/Asian food establishments in Rapid City alone. And Grouchy has tried them all, but the one that stands out, hands down is Golden Fortune, located at the top of East North Street, what use to be Bonanza way back in the day. With it’s all you can eat lunch/diner buffet, you can’t go wrong. Dan and Sara LY have had years to perfect their craft, and perfect it they have.

Golden Fortune opened its doors over 20 years ago and has been feeding Rapid City ever since. They pride themselves in serving the City the best Chinese food in the area. Using family recipes and dishes prepared in small batches keeping the food fresh and delicious, with no MSG.

You can order off the menu, carry-out/take-out but I would suggest the all you can eat buffet, why have just one dish when you can have over 60 choices. Just like coffee I know my hot and sour soup. I had this soup at every Chinese restaurant in town, and nothing beats Golden Fortunes. In fact when I am not feeling well that is my go to soup, and only theirs will do.

You are almost always meet at the front by Sara or Dan who are always kind and friendly. They make you feel at home, in their home. The lunch buffet runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for $11.99 and dinner from 4 PM to 8 PM for $12.99 they are open Monday through Friday, closed on weekends for some much needed down time.

On the buffet you will find dishes like Beef with Broccoli, Moo Goo Beef, Cashew Chicken, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Roast Pork with Vegetables, Seafood Combo, Spicy Shrimp, Vegetable Egg Foo Yung, Fried Rice, Lo Mein, Egg Rolls, Chicken on a Stick, just to name a few the list goes on and on, and that is just what is on the hot bar. They have a great salad bar as well, with several choices of sushi, pasta salad, and one of my favorites Kimchi (another thing that they do the best in the hills, not sure if it is homemade but it sure is good.)

They also offer some American classics on the buffet along with several choices of soups, and deserts. And don’t forget the Ice Cream to top things all off. The service is fast and friendly, comfortable atmosphere, clean and cozy. With seating from up to 200 they also offer a private room for specials. And my Glam-babies favorite thing other than the food are the two large fish tanks that are home to several large fish.

Golden Fortune will satisfied anyone’s craving for Chinese food and has earned 5 stars. The next time you are craving good Chinese food, stop in to Golden Fortune you will not be disappointed. Until next week, stay safe and good eats.


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