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Indians discovered America

To the Editor,

We are all lead to believe that Indians came over to the Americas during the Ice Ages. This is not true. It is a theory, a guess. No proof.

I’ve asked around and no one can tell when the last Ice Age was and if there ever was one. If there is a next one, when? Will all scientists agree to the answer? No one knows?

Sara Palin, ex-governor of Alaska, on T.V. somewhere in Northern Alaska said, “From here you can see Russia.” She was pointing out across the water toward Russia.

This became a swell-used crossing into the Western Hemisphere. It was used for over one hundred thousand years. This is just common sense.

Indians occupied all of the Western Hemisphere when Columbus claimed he discovered America in the year 1492. Indians on that island watched him.

From Russia, Indians crossed over to Alaska in boats. They did not wait for the Ice Age to cross over to Alaska.

After crossing, some traveled south over land and some traveled south in their boats, along the coast. Traveling by boat it was a lot easier to haul their belongings.

America wants acts of racism to stop. Columbus Day taught in the U.S. Schools teaches racism. The year 1492, there was one hundred million Indians in North and South America.

Patrick Greyhair
Winnebago, NE 68071

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