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Is the Bible wrong about lying?

Where is it we heard or read that lying was a sin? Perhaps we heard it in a sermon by a Catholic priest or perhaps we read it in a book called The Holy Bible. In any event lying, in the not too distant past, was a sin. And then Donald Trump came along and not only did he lie with almost every breath, but so many of his followers substantiated his lies. Reminds us of the old saying, “He lies and his friends swear to it.”

We find it extremely odd that most of those folks supporting his lies are Evangelical Christians. They have placed Trump on a pedestal as their demi-god and therefore they cannot admit that he lies. His lies are now a part of their faith.

Every Republican who once believed in the sanctity of their party should be totally embarrassed by what their party has become. As a matter of fact if lying was still considered to be a sin half of the Republican Party members would be living in sin.

We watched and listened to Trump give one of his infamous stump speeches last week and because even we are getting numb to his lies, we let those blatant lies just go over our heads. Is that what America has become: A land that believes lying is no longer a sin? Or that lying doesn’t matter anymore.

Remember George Washington, America’s first president? His creed was, “I cannot tell a lie.” Abraham Lincoln was known in America as “Honest Abe.”

Are the words of Washington and Lincoln now meaningless?

In the old days one of the easiest ways for a politician to lose an election was to be caught telling a big lie. Not so with Trump. He can tell lie after lie and his supporters will still believe him. The tally of every vote from the 2020 presidential election indicates that Trump lost the election. And so he resorted to the “Big Lie,” that the election was stolen from him. “Stop the Big Steal” became his battle lie.

As we get ready to head into another election with Trump right in the middle, do not lose your Biblical belief that lying is indeed a sin. Let that guide how you vote.

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