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It is time for Native candidates to throw their hats into the ring

If any Native American is thinking about running for office, whether it be national, state, country, city or reservation, 2022 is not that far away. Now is the time to start planning your campaign and to start raising the money it takes to run an election.

Hopes are high in Rapid City that a Native will run for County Commissioner, City Council or even for the office of the mayor. It is very important that anyone one thinking about running get their act together now. We would like to know here at the newspaper so that we can promote you. We want to make an effort to make every Native of voting age realize that we have the numbers to win any seat in this city, all we need is the unity to do it. The Native population in Rapid City and in South Dakota has been underestimated for much too long. We now have a huge population of Natives and all we need is to bring all of those votes together to push Native candidates into office.

The old saying that changes start at the top is wrong. Changes start at the bottom. Look what happened in the Black community when the African American voters united. There are now black mayors, city council reps, and even governors because the black community knew they had the numbers and all they had to do was to unite and get out and vote.

In 2020 there were a few Native candidates who ran for local offices, but they did not start early enough and they did not have the local support to win. They also did not have the time to raise the money it takes for advertising and self-promotion. We have to change that this time around. Candidates like Natalie Means, who ran for mayor, and a few others scared the hell out of the white candidates when they ran against them. Cante Heart was also a great candidate. But like we said, they just did not have the time or the ammunition to mount a strong campaign.

The editorial is a SHOUT OUT to any Native American considering running for office. It is time to step up now, not next month. There is much to do and we as Natives must take the lead. Find out how you register to run, get all of the appropriate paperwork done, and let’s get the ball rolling. We are waiting for you announcements.

It is time we, Natives, kicked down the political door that has been closed to us for much too long. It won’t be easy, but we have the numbers to get it done.

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