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It seems they eat pretty good in Australia



Everything is “Aussie” at the Outback Restaurant in Rapid City.

Located off of LaCrosse Street, nestled behind a few large motels, the Outback is kind of hard to find, but once you get there you won’t be sorry.

It was a special occasion for Grouchy and so the Outback had to be a special place to dine that night. With date on arm, Grouchy set out to try the Australian experience right here in South Dakota.

The Outback has the décor’ we suspect might be found in a restaurant in say Sydney, Australia. It has a lot of leather in the booths and dark, wood tables and the lighting is soft and not blinding. It has a long bar that on this night was filled with some folks who were obviously tourists. A Native Rapid Citian can spot a tourist as if they were standing in a pack of kangaroos.

They have a lot of different beers to offer and many of them are of Australian brews. The one beer Grouchy wanted was not in season yet, as the waiter Cody informed our quizzical food tester.

After scanning the menu Grouchy ordered the Ahi Tuna bites. They came served on an oval plate with a smattering of salad as a bed. As you know the Ahi Tuna is served raw with different season flavorings spread on the top. Grouchy’s special guest is usually an adventurous eater, but she refused to sample the Ahi Tuna. She doesn’t know what she missed. There was a small bowl of delicious sauce provided with the tuna for dipping. She finally settled on the 1/2 platter of ribs and found them to be quite delicious. The meal was preceded by a Caesar Salad that she also found quite good. Grouchy ordered the Firecracker Salmon, a smoked salmon covered with a mango salsa. Grouchy slowly savored every bite and said that the chef should be complimented for this delicious dish.

Now the bad news was the price, but when a meal is so good the price doesn’t really matter. Grouchy’s salmon came to $16.99 and the guest’s ribs came to $15.99. With the glasses of wine and a beer the total cost of the meal including taxes was $86.81. Well, like we said, it was a special occasion.

However, Grouchy thinks everyone should go to the Outback Restaurant at least once because you will not be disappointed. The Outback is located at 665 E. Disk Drive. To make reservations call 341-1192.

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