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It’s where all of the cowboys and Indians dine



There is no doubt that you are about to enter a first class eating establishment when you go through the front door of the Dakota Steakhouse on 1325 Elk Vale Road in Rapid City.

Grouchy hadn’t been there for at least 2 years before going there to dine on Tuesday night. One would think that there wouldn’t be too many people out at 5:30 p.m. on a Thursday, but the place was packed. Grouchy and special guest were taken to a table behind the bar and when Grouchy asked for a booth. There were none available so the table had to do. The waitress cautioned Grouchy and guest that the chairs at the table were on wheels. After sitting down Grouchy started to slip and slide at the table. A booth finally opened so Grouchy and guest were allowed to move to the booth. Ahhh! Much better.

Grouchy and guest both ordered the small Filet Mignon for $29.00 each. The guest’s glass of wine cost $10.00 and Grouchy’s beer cost $4.00. Both had a salad to start the meal that was quite good and the Filet Mignon’s were so tender one could cut them with a fork.

Counting the drinks, the salads and the steaks the meal came to $76.35. Not too bad for a night out on a special occasion. It was Grouchy’s guest’s birthday and although Grouchy mentioned it to the waitress she made no effort to make the occasion any happier.

Although the restaurant is fairly upper crust the diners were mostly dressed in jeans and other casual wear.

There is a lot of construction going on around the restaurant and in the late afternoon it was pretty hard to locate because the entire area had grown so much with hotels and even a McDonald’s across the street that nothing looked the same.

Some of the guests coming to dine for the many hotels now located there had to cross a very busy street in order to make it to the restaurant. Grouchy thought that a special crossing should have been established to make it easier to get to the restaurant.

All in all the meal was great, but the service could use some improvement.

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