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Kevin Killer takes the reigns of the Oglala Sioux Tribe

There are some Lakota who believe that this year, a year that has not been the best for most of us, will end with a new beginning. We have elected a new President of the United States, Joe Biden, and a new president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, Kevin Killer. Both are men of integrity and of great patience. We have also elected the first woman, first black woman, a daughter of immigrants, Kamela Harris, to serve as the new vice president of the United States.

On our home base we also elected a new Tribal Council and so that all tribal members will know who they are and in which District they will serve, here is the list of newly elected Tribal Council Members:

Alicia Mousseau, a clinical psychologist with a doctorate degree, received 1,973 votes and is the new vice president of the Tribe.

Pass Creek’s representatives according to the unofficial results are Run Dubray (142) and James Cross (117). Consuelo Means was close behind Cross with 113 votes.

LaCreek’s representatives are Craig Dillon (98) and Cora White Horse (86). Wanda Johnson was close behind White Horse with 84 votes.

Wakpamni’s representatives are Jacqui Siers (284) and Michael Carlow, Sr. (277).

Pine Ridge’s representatives are George Dreamer (370), Ella John Carlow (342) and Nakina Mills (245). Jennifer Spotted Bear was close behind Mills with 242 votes.

Oglala’s representatives are Wendell Youngman Jr. (263) and Tyler yellow Boy (184).

Wounded Knee’s representatives are Bernardo Rodriquez Jr. (190) and Garfield Steele (186).

Porcupine’s representatives are Richard Iron Cloud (222) and Dave Pourier (207).

Medicine Root’s representatives are Ryan Jumping Eagle (297) and Gerald Cournoyer Jr. (263).

Finally, Eagle Nest’s representatives are Blaine Little Thunder (129) and Wesley Hawkins Sr. (103).

The Oyate have spoken and these are the leaders they have chosen to represent them for the next 2 years. They have also spoken about the national leadership they wish to represent them and most of the Lakota that have spoken to us are extremely happy to see Donald Trump voted out of office.

After every election we always hope and pray that things will get better and, as happens to often, the elected leadership settles back into the same old same old where all of the benefits of the new election go to the newly elected leaders and their families. Let’s hope we have chosen wisely and the leaders we have just put into office are those who will work entirely for the people of the reservation and of their districts.

We at Native Sun News Today welcome Kevin Killer, Alicia Mousseau and the new Tribal Council to serve the people of the Oglala Sioux Tribe for the next 2 years. We ask you to keep an open door to the media and to let us keep your constituents informed. The people have a right to know what you are doing in their behalf. An informed people are a knowledgeable people so please always respect their rights to be informed. Good luck as you take office and never forget the people who elected you to serve.

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