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Last respects paid to Tim Giago

On August 22 the Native Sun News Today along with a hundreds of others from all across indian country paid our final respects to our dearly departed Owner Tim Giago. An honoring ceremony was held at the Mother Butler Center in Rapid City, because Mother Butler has been asignificant part in the lives of so many Native people who have called Rapid City home. Special kudos to the  Wambli Ska Drum Group whose musical inspirations made the event complete. Guest speaker Dr. Gerald Yellow Hawk delivered an incredible message to the audience. Following his message, his grandson Steven Yellow Hawk delivered a beautiful solo song. Close family members came forward and told their fondest memories of Tim. Ceremonial wise, it turned out to be a musical event as Native Flute player Sequoia Cross White dazzled the audience and received an encore. Inspired by his flute, our General Manager Kirk broke out a memorial song called “Just Over In The Glory Land”.

Everyone enjoyed the slide show showing all the precious memories of Tim throughout his lifetime. Special kudos as well to Bryan Brewer who conducted the Veterans Roll Call along with the Color Guard out of Mission, South Dakota. Many veterans from all branches of service lined up to salute and honor his military service in the Navy. Surprisingly, we were not aware that Tim was awarded the Purple Heart for his injury serving in Korea. We would like to thank Mr. Giago’s daughters for all the behind the scenes hard work. Our Production gal and writer Ernestine produced the most delicious fry bread to compliment the Buffalo Stew. On the following day friends and family attended the military service burial at the Veterans Cemetery in Sturgis, South Dakota. A visit that was highlighted by a 21-Gun salute.

Because all staff were at the celebration on Monday and at the graveside service on Tuesday, the days we normally put the paper to bed, the paper was not printed until Thursday, which meant a mad scramble to get everything done in time. All the staff pulled together and did their part. There are a million and one little things in every paper that need correcting, because every misspelling or misstatement mis-serves some portion of the community. You want to catch everyone before the paper is sent off to the printer.

Fall sports are under way and Joe and Jimmy will be off covering their first football games. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. Nothing ruins football coverage like rain. Snow and freezing cold are acceptable, but rain soaks the camera and the reporter’s notebook and it is very difficult to cover the game from high in the announcer’s booth, especially since they often have no room for you to stand in there, let alone sit. This would be a good time to give a shout out to the Wall Eagles, who have a dozen double tough Oglala players on their team, and their head coach, Lex Heathershaw, is also an enrolled tribal member. They are an outstanding 9AA football team, and very likely on their way to a state championship, fingers crossed against injury to key players. So, if you are looking for a great football game to watch, catch one of theirs, because the quality of play doesn’t get much better than the Wall Eagles.

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