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Learned about racism on his grandfather’s knee

Toi the Editor,

Upon reading Ms. Red Lodge’s article regarding “In the spirit of understanding racism, I felt compelled to comment and thank her for her article. Without going into a dissertation of my own beliefs, it will suffice.

To say that I agree with her completely and appreciate her courage and honor in reporting what so many don’t want to hear. I am a 64 year old white male that was fortunately educated very early in my life by my Great Grandfather regarding our Native American brothers and sisters.

He was a homesteader in the late 1860’s in northeastern Colorado, and was a friend of the Northern Cheyenne in the area. His respect and consideration of his new neighbors was quite unusual for the times, but thank God he understood many things about human beings, and his open heart served him well. He passed on to me some of his stories from the early days that I recant from time to time.

Sadly he died of old age well into his 90’s before I finished elementary school, but his teachings left an indelible mark on my soul. Being white, I have never felt the sting of racism against myself, but have certainly experienced it in the company of my darker skinned friends. I just pray that someday, hopefully someday, we all will see the light at the end of the dark tunnel and be one people, and learn to love more and better than we ever thought possible.

Thank you again Evelyn.

Best Regards,


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