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Little Notes Wowapi Cikala


It seems that no matter the number of proof readers there is always the chance we will miss something. Last week it happened on the front page, of all places. We misspelled the name Governor. Somehow it was printed on the page as Governer. Oh darn! Even three sets of eyes missed it. We’ll try harder because we have some readers who are proof reading fools and always look for errors.

There is a lot of chatter on Social Media about the Primary Elections on the Pine Ridge Reservation that just passed. Well, it ain’t over folks. The General Election is on Nov. 6 and this is really an important election. We vote on Pine Ridge at the same time the national elections are happening and it up to us to change the face of Congress so that there are some checks and balances on Donald Trump. The flunkies he now has serving in Congress are simply rubber stamps for his idiocy.

As for the Pine Ridge election? You still have time to study and evaluate the candidates for President and Vice President. The job of Vice President is also very important because is something bad happens to the President of the Tribe, the Vice President has to assume the role of leader.

Keep in mind that we have an Indian Re-Organization Act form of government on Pine Ridge because the people who hated the idea got mad and refused to get out and vote against it. Perhaps they thought if they didn’t vote it would simply not happen. Well it did and that is what happens when you do not get out and vote. We have been stuck with the IRA since 1934 because those most opposed to it did not vote against it.

Our former Production Manager, Ardis McCrae is still in the hospital. She has had a run of bad luck. First she had a small stroke and just as she was recovering from that she broke he leg. She is still in the hospital getting rehabilitation for her leg. She was unable to come back to work for us because the stroke impaired her ability to do her old job. We are still saying our prayers for her because she was with us for so very long.

John Stetter has stepped in to fill the rather ample shoes of Dianne Amiotte- Seidel who took a job with Thunder Valley. She had a couple of weeks to work with John and he is the fearless type who doesn’t mind facing off with grumpy business owners while looking for advertising. That’s what it takes to sell advertising.

Dianne found out how tough this town can be. She about tore her hair out dealing with some of the really racist business owners. Some of them are too stupid to realize that within the next 10 years 40 percent of their business will come from the Indian people.

But Dianne and Jackie Giago have been teaching the sales people that one half of the job is educating the business owners. Most know little or nothing about their Native American neighbors. Until next time, toksa ake’.

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