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Lemmon Middle School Track Meet: Speed on display!

Lemmon Middle School Track Meet: Speed on display!

By Joe Budd

One fun aspect on a middle school track meet, is you are getting a preview of the team’s future, going forward. In some cases, fast forward. A good example took place in Lemmon last week, as Tyler Bull Head, out of McLaughlin, would post a sub 14 time, at 13.89 in the 100 meter dash. He was nearly a second faster than the second place runner. And this athlete came from the 6th and 7th grade class. He would also come out and capture the 200 meter, where he’d extend the margin of victory, two 2 and a half seconds.

The Meet would also see athletes in 8th grade running separately, so off we go.

In the 6th and 7 grade, Bull Head would come in first, with Treyden Beer out of Timber Lake finishing in 5th place overall. Braeden Fergel of McIntosh finished in 8th, and Jacoby Carry Moccasin in 14th for McLaguhlin. Jaylon Mellette, and Kwen Jordan, both from Wakpala would finish in 15th and 16th, and Jackson Bigger from Timber Lake in a tie at 16th. Zach Bull Head would also run for McLaughlin, finishing in 22, Tay’Vaughan Steele would finish in 24th, and LaiTy Brown Otter would place 28th from McLaughlin. Devon Keller from Timber Lake would finish in 29th, Juanito Ducheneaux from Wakpala, Rance Gross from Timber Lake and Rylan Keller, Timber Lake, would finish in 30th, 31st and 37th, with Lance Plenty Chief from Wakpala finishing in 40th to complete the 100 meter run.

For the 8th graders, Curtis Conner from McIntosh would finish in 3rd, less than a second out of first place. Gunner Maui from Standing Rock would finish in 5th, Isaac Assman would finish in 6th, and Paulie Brown Otter from Standing Rock would come in 19th. Carmelo Little Eagle from McIntosh would finish in 20th.

In the 200 meters, the middle school squad by Bull Head would see several familiar names. Beer would finish in 2nd place, Steele in 4th, Kwen Jordan of Wakpala in 6th, Bigger in 9th and Kruz Lindskov from Timber Lake in 12th. Zack Bull Head would finish in 14th, Brown Otter in 16th, and Fergel in 18th. Mellette from Wakpala would come in 19th, Hudson Gill and Chance Simpson from Timber Lake would both finish tied for 20th, While Rance Gross, also of Timber Lake would finish in 27th, and Keller would come in 30th. Junito Ducheneaux from Wakpala in 31st, Bretten Wells from Wakpala would finish in 34th.

In the 8th grade class, Maui would finish in 4th, with Gill finishing in 5 and Conner coming in 6th.

In the 400 meters, 6th and 7th grades, Harlem Mutchler out of Timber Lake would finish in first, with Kwen Jordan from Wakpala coming in 4th. Lindskov would finish in 4th, Bigger in 7th, and Gill and Taggen Paxton, from Timber Lake would come in 10th and 11th respectively. Ducheneaux and Wells both would finish in 13th and 15th for the runners.

In the 8th graders meet for 400 meters, Gill and Maui would finish in 2nd and 3rd, less than a half-second behind first place. John Eagle from McLaughlin would finish in 5th, Conner in 6th, and Cullen Biegler from Timber Lake would finish in 10th overall.

On to the 800 meters, 6th and 7th grade, Timber Lake would see a large number of athletes all take part, starting with Mutchler would finish in 2nd, Charlie Hornick in 5th, Braden Lawrence for 8th, Xavier Sanchez-Gonzalez for 10th, Bieber for 11th, Holzer for 12th and Paxton in 13th. 7 runners in the 800 meters. Impressive for a single school!

In the 8th graders for 800 meters, Darius Driver from Standing Rock would finish in 5th, and Jeremiah Tiger from Timber Lake would finish in 10th, while Wesley Eagle from Standing Rock would be a scratch on the day.

For the 1600 meters, 6th and 7th grade, Hornick would come in 3rd, Lawrence in 6th, Sanchez-Gonzalez in 7th, Holzer in 8th and Bieber in 9th, rounding out the event. For the 8th graders, Driver would finish in 6th place, with Tiger finishing in 7th overall.

In the 100 meter hurdles, in 6th and 7th grades, two from Timber Lake would perform, first Carsen Sanquist would finish in 3rd, while Bigger would compete and come in 5th overall. In the 200 meters 8th grade, Issac would finish 2nd, while in the 4×100 Relay, Timber lake would put two teams together. The first team, made of Keller, Keller Holzer and Sandquist would finish in 4th place while the second squad would show Paxton, Hornick, Gross and Sanchez-Gonzalez would finish in 6th. McIntosh would field a team of Fergel, Glines, Maher and Little Eagle, good for 7th overall.

Timber Lake’s speed in the relays would be well on display, as in the 4×200, the team of Biegler, Gill, Hansen and Mutchler would finish first, while their second team, of Beer, Gross, Bieber and Gill would come in 3rd. And in the 4×400 Relay, Timber Lake would finish in first again, with Mutchler, Isaac, Hornick and Gill would win going away over second place Bison.

Onto the Shot Put, 6th and 7th graders would throw an 8lb ball, Carry Moccasin would finish in 5th, with teammate Zack Bull Head coming in 6th. Mason Bickel from Timber Lake would come in 8th, with teammates Kingstyn Mutchler and Jack Hornick coming in 12th and 13th. Rylan Keller would finish in 17th, Chance Simpson and Wells from Wakpala, would finish out the top 20, and Plenty Chief would finish in 22nd. Xander Keller from Timber Lake would finish in 25, Cooper Glines from McIntosh, Tre’Cen Mellette-Howard from Wakpala would finish out the event, in 26th and 27th.

For the 8th graders, in shot put Ronald Moran from Wakpala would finish in 6th place, while teammate Andre Otter Robe would come in 15th.

In the Discus, Timber Lake would put up a number of athletes again, with Hornick finishing 9th, Bickel in 10h, Keller in 12th, Mutchler in 13th, Keller in 18th, and Simpson in 25th. Also in the running, Wakpala’s Wells finished 17th, and Mellette-Howard would come in 19th, and Plenty Chief in 24th. John Maher from McIntosh would finish in 22nd overall.

In the 8th grade Discus, Conner would put up a 4th place finish, while Hansen would finish in 8th, Jacob Medicine Horse of Standing Rock would finish in 9th, and Moran would finish in 13th. Rounding out the field would be Little Eagle in 17th and Otter Robe in 18th.

In the High Jump category, 6th and 7th grade would see Hornick finish in 5th, while in 8th grade Issac Assman would finish in 5th for the event. On to the Long Jump, with Lawernce finishing in 4th, Fergel in 7th, Beer in 8th, Lindskov in 10th, Paxton in 23rd, Ducheneaux in 24th, Maher in 31st and Glines in 34. For 8th grade, Brown Otter would finish in 11th and Little Eagle would come in 14th.

On to the Girl’s side of the brackets, starting in the 100 meters Korbi Heck of Timber Lake would finish in 3rd overall, 6th and 7th, with Kaycie Lemburg from Timber Lake finishing in 10th. Mila Mowrer from Timber Lake would finish in 12th, Kailynn Kills Small would come in 17th, and Kamee Mareska finishing in 22nd. Aurora McKee and Peyton Sully, both from Wakpala would finish in 25th and 26th, and Abby Toviah from Timber Lake would finish in 27th.  In the 8th grade side, Aranna Bieber would finish 3rd from Timber Lake, Standing Rocks’ Nouphone (KD) Herrera would finish 12th, Hailey Roggow in 13th from Timber Lake and Amaiya Good House from Wakpala would finish 15th.

6th and 7th graders in the 200 meters, would see Mowrer of Timber Lake finish in 4th place, Talley Locken in 6th place, Riley Glines from McIntosh in 9th, Kills Small in 10th, Lexi Locken in 11 and Kaycie Lemburg, both from Timber Lake would place 12. Josie Campbell from McIntosh would finish in 13th, Phoenix Crow Ghost from McIntosh in 17th, Mikki Maher from McIntosh, in 29th and Kamee Mareska from Timber Lake in 24th. Sully from Wakpala would finish in 25th.

The 200 meter 8th graders would see Sara Keller from Timber lake finish in 2nd, Bieber in 4th, Hailey Roggow from Timber Lake finishing in 11th, Herrera from Standing Rock in 12 and Evangeline Davis in 13th from Wakpala.

For the 400 meters, 6th and 7th, Heck would finish in 2nd place, with Briauna Thompson from Standing Rock in 3rd. Talley Locken from Timber Lake would finish in 5th, Amanda Red Bear from Timber Lake in 7th, Lexi Locken from Timber Lake in 8th, Mikki Maher from McIntosh in 11th, and River Boysen in 12th, from Timber Lake. In the 8th grade, Standing Rock’s Herrera would finish in 4th overall.

In the 800, the younger women’s team would see Timber Lake’s Jaylee Shoelerman finish 3rd overall, with Boysen finishing in 6th place. Jaylee would run in the 1600 meters, finishing in 2nd place, and leading up to the relay runs. Timber Lake would place 4th in the 4×100 event, with Locken, Mareska, Mowrer and Roggow, while McIntosh would finish in 5th, with Campbell, Crow Ghost, Maher and Glines. Timber Lake would have enough speed to fill a second team, consisting of Biegler, Lilly Viet, Anna Kraft and Presley Goldade, good for 9th overall.

In the 4×200, Timber Lake’s second event in the relay would be good for 3rd, made up of Arianna Bieber, Lemburg, Red Bear and Heck, and in the 4×400, Timber Lake would change it up one more time, good for 4th place with a team of Locken, Shoelerman, Red Bear and Heck.

Into the Shot Put, Riley Glines from McIntosh would take first place in the event, with a distance of 30 feet 2 inches, Biegler in 4th, Kaytani Gates from Standing Rock in 11th, Anna Kraft in 14th and Lilly Viet in 16th. Zabrina Black Cloud would finish in 20th for Wakpala, and Maria Bear Stops from Standing Rock would finish in 26th overall.

For the 8th graders, 4 girls from Wakpala would place, with Raeann Moran in 6th, Davis in 7th, Sierra Hawk in 10th and Kirstin Howard in 12th, while Goldade from Timber Lake would place 11th.

In the Long jump, the 6th and 7 grade girls would see Talley Locken finish 5th, Lexi Locken in 10th, Kamee Mareska in 14th and Boysen from Timber lake finish in 18th.



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