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Let’s put pressure on Gov. Daugaard and the SD Game, Fish & Parks Board



We just glanced at the calendar and realized that September is lurking around the corner and we haven’t received a single response from South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard (R-SD) or the big wigs in the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks about our request to have traditional Lakota riders join in the buffalo roundup held at Custer State Park every September.

In editorials and columns we pointed out to them the historic significance of opening the door for Lakota warriors to ride in the roundup.

First of all the buffalo are sacred to the Lakota. Hunting the buffalo always began with a wacipi and ceremony to prepare the warriors for the ride and a buffalo hunting song was sung to encourage the hunters.

We pointed out to the Governor and to the Parks Service that such a ritual added annually to the roundup would triple the size of the crowds that turn out for the roundup every year. Thousands would come from Europe, Japan and China to witness such a spectacle and all of them would stay in the hotels and motels in Rapid City and the surrounding communities.



Before the roundup the Lakota warriors would gather around a fire and prepare for the roundup and they would envision it has a traditional custom that was a part of their culture for thousands of years. They would dance and sing the buffalo hunting songs like the warriors did for a thousand years.

The locals and the tourists would be treated to something they have never seen in their lives and they will leave the Black Hills with memories they will carry with them for life.

But even beyond that, the Lakota people will have participated in a ritual from which they have been barred all of these years even though it was a major part of the Lakota history and traditions.

We have written the challenge and that is all we can do. We have encouraged out readers to let the Governor and the head of the Park Service to know that you support the idea. The only thing that will help bring about the change to include Lakota warriors in the roundup is public pressure. Nothing else will change the minds of the people who can make it happen but do not have the vision to see what a wonderful act of reconciliation this would be. What we need is another Governor George Mickelson.

Look up the Governor’s and the headquarters of the Game, Fish and Parks Service and email them, Text them, Twitter them or do it the old fashioned way and write letters to them, but for the sake of the Lakota people, please help us get it done. Send them this editorial.

A Giago newspaper helped erase Columbus Day from our calendar and replace it with Native American Day and to commemorate the 28th Anniversary of that day Rapid City will hold a Native American Day Parade for the 4th year in a row on October 6 and the city of Sioux Falls will hold its first ever Native American Day Parade this year on Oct. 8. We can make changes for the good when we all pull together. Tim Giago, Lakota journalist, will be the Grand Marshall in the first ever Sioux Falls Native American Day Parade.

So please get behind the Lakota people in their drive to get Lakota Warriors to ride in the buffalo roundup this year. It’s not too late.

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