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Likes the Oyate Today Show

To the Editor,

First I want to compliment you on your wonderful show and tell you that I enjoy it even more because of the excellence you have brought to the interviews.

I am the caption writer for our company for this show and like to get everything spelled correctly for the captions.

I am wondering if it is ok with you that I contact you for some help with the Lakota words that I can’t find translations for?

In last week’s show, I couldn’t find the Lakota words for “The Battle where the girl saved her brother” and would have liked to include them.

Right now I am working on the Don Montileaux show and have found all the artists’ names but cannot find the Lakota words for “Yellowbird” which you have him say twice.

Would you be able to please send me that by email? I really would like to include it in the captions if possible.

Thank you so much!

I appreciate any help you can give me.

Jane Vangemeren,
Offline Captioning Assistant
Lawrence, KS

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