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Lindy Guy Grassrope

Lindy Guy Grassrope

November 19, 1966 – March 7, 2022


Lindy Guy Grassrope was born November 19, 1966 to Joseph Noah Grassrope and Maxine Mildred (Small) Grassrope.  He made his journey to the Spirit World on March 7, 2022 at the age of 55 years.

Lindy lived in Lower Brule all of his life.  During that time he attended Lower Brule Elementary and High School. In 1985, he attended the Job Corps program where he volunteered to become a National Fire Fighter.  He was then deployed out to California and other surrounding regions to help fight fires.

Lindy had a passion for all sports.  Most of all, he enjoyed playing basketball whenever he had a chance.  He would always be game to every invitation, he would be found playing ball at the local slab or any other homemade ball court.

Lindy has worked at the Friendship House for three years and at this time, he also developed another passion for a different kind of sport, which was shooting pool.

Lindy was a quiet kind guy with a witfull sense of humor. Guy, as family and friends knew him, had a nickname for everyone and everything.  And, pretty much all his friends and close family members, had nicknames for him as well.  It was during all the fun times, laughter, and memories we shared that the names derived from … almost another language.

Lindy is survived by his daughter Annelle (Grassrope) Becker and two granddaughters Tesheena and Tanaysha Becker all of Pierre; three other sisters Delight (Lou) White Light, Diane Grassrope and Marlita Grassrope all of Lower Brule; one older brother Alvin Grassrope of Box Elder and a younger brother Darren Grassrope of Lower Brule, and many nieces, nephews, cousins, and takojas.

Preceding him in death were his parents Noah and Maxine Grassrope; three older brothers Altwin, Stephen, and Elvis Grassrope; two older sisters Agnes (Grassrope) Stricker and Jennifer Grassrope.

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