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Little Notes

Little notes


After what has been a rather warm winter here in Rapid, the snow and ice arrived this week.  The roads were terribly icy, even the sidewalks.   Our production layout manager, James Giago found that out literally the hard way, slipping on the ice while walking out to get in his vehicle to go work.  He limped around for a few days, but as ever got the paper put together.  That is a tedious, time-consuming and behind-the-scenes job and we sure appreciate his talent and dedication.

Warmer weather is forecast and we hope that the roads will be good so Yolanda Thompson, the distribution manager can safely get the paper delivered to the reservations.  She averages about 400 miles a week on those trips.

The South Dakota Legislature is in session.  Next week Kirk Dickerson and Clara Caufield will be going to Pierre to visit with some of our Legislators, especially Shawn Bordeaux, Rosebud Sioux who writes regular Legislative Reports for Native Sun News Today.  Hats off to him for being so transparent and sharing his views and activities with our readers.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if tribal leaders did the same?

Many of our readers miss Jimmy Giago Davis articles in the paper.   His condition is stable, but we hope some of our readers will join us as we pray for his recovery.   The COVID Omnicron variant is still a scourge for so many, both in Indian Country and here Rapid City.  We all hope for better days.


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