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Living with the life changes of the Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought so many of America’s shortcoming to the fore.

It hit the entertainment industry extremely hard. Television series had to be put on hold and the late night talk show hosts had to do their shows from home without an audience greatly diminishing the humor of their shows

Game shows like Wheel of Fortune have been using re-runs of old shows for the past six months and any game show with an audience has been revised or put on hold.

The lack of technological expertise was openly obvious. The technology was so bad when it came to interviewing guests for the talk shows that many times their voices were garbled and their faces distorted. This is still going on and one wonders why their bevy of technical experts can’t fix it.

Wolf Blitzer and other television news hosts have found it very difficult to do the interviews they have been doing for years because of the technological failures.

Many of the long running television adventure series have been put on hold because the stars were unable to tape the shows because of social distancing.

Steven Colbert has tried his best to keep up the late night talk show, but it’s not the same with guests sitting at home speaking with garbled voices and vanishing faces. Many of his fans just stopped watching the show and are waiting for the virus to pass so he can get back on his regular routine.

Perhaps this virus will give the television industry the ambition to update their archaic system and totally modernize an industry that has been setting on it haunches without change for too many years.

Can you imagine Johnny Carson trying to do the Tonight Show from his living room? Even the professional football games have gone to canned cheers and applause. It is pretty obvious when the stands are empty of spectators.

The virus has brought so many unwelcome changes to our lives. These days if you have a doctor’s appointment you have to drive to the hospital, call the doctor’s office, tell them you are in the parking lot, and then wait for them to call you back so you can keep your appointment. At one point nearly the entire staff of dermatologists at one clinic came down with the virus and so if you was one of their patients, tough luck. Even the dentists had a hard time working with patients.

Gymnasiums and workout shops had to totally readjust the way they ran their businesses. From restaurants to schools everything changed. Many of us went to a restaurant, got our order and dined in the parking lot. Sitting back in a nice restaurant enjoying a glass of wine with a good meal was put on hold. Movie theaters have been closed and many sporting activities put on hold.

All of the things we once considered normal are gone. But life goes on and someday they will find a way to beat this virus and perhaps, just perhaps, things will get back to a new normal. Many lessons were learned and many of the things we took for granted we no longer take for granted.

But until a vaccine if found, things will go on as they have been for the past six months.

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