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Locals take to streets to protect Gun Violence

Locals take to streets to protect Gun Violence

By Joseph Budd

Native Sun News Staff Writer

In the national news, the word from the media talked about a grade school in Uvalde, Texas, involving a number of fourth graders and three teachers were all killed in their school. Some speculated the gunman was a loner who was a former student. Before this episode, another shooting, involving a supermarket in Buffalo New York, would involve an 18 year old, be primarily fueled by racial hatred, and would involve 10 people being killed. Other episodes included a Church in California, and a medical facility in Oklahoma. To date this year, 246 mass shootings have occurred, with this year on track to pass last year’s record, an event that involves four people are shot, including the shooter.

Regardless of the number, it even hits home. A young boy was shot and killed at his home down on Pine Ridge, Logan Goings. Enough people were finally angry enough, community members took to the streets to march in the rain on Saturday. The procession, with signs and rain gear, marched under the name United to End Gun Violence, and even had a proclamation from Mayor Steve Allender. The event, travelling through central and north Rapid City, would finish the march at the City Bandshell, where a nine-year-old would lead a song, He Sapa Ho, for the ceremony.



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