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Looking down the road at the New Year

The Native Sun News Today will begin this editorial, the first of the New Year, with the hopes and prayers that have been the hallmark of this newspaper since its inception 41 years ago.
The newspaper began as The Lakota Times in Pine Ridge Village in 1981. It grew to be the largest weekly newspaper in South Dakota is 8 short years. It expanded as Indian Country Today and became the largest Native newspaper in America as well.
Through all of these years we have tried to bring to our readers the news they have never been able to get from the mainstream media. We have brought our readers the opinions of such great Native writers as Elizabeth Lynn Cook, Ivan Star Comes Out, Delphine Red Shirt, VI Waln, and Tim Giago.
Our own Talli Nauman began reporting on the impact of the KXL Pipeline long before any of the white-owned newspapers even saw it as an important story. She exposed many of the bad things the pipeline would bring to the Native people long before it was a glimmer in the eye of the local white media.
And our newspaper has continued to tackle stories the state and national media could have and should have covered if they had Native writers.
We would stack the writings of the columnists named above against any columnists in the world. They are Native columnists who drew from their life’s experiences as Natives and turned those experiences into words we could all understand.
In the process the years have taken a toll. We lost such great employees Albert and Bill Apple, Jerry Reynolds, Thom Little Moon, Dean LaVallie, Adrian Louis and more.
Every small business in America has suffered during this terrible pandemic and we are no exception. Like many businesses we treaded water in hopes that the economy will turn around, but it seems that nothing will ever be considered normal again, whatever normal ever was.
Every new variant of this virus brings more suffering to the people and we all want it to just go away. The Lakota people have suffered many painful experiences for many years and we have proven to be fighters and survivors. The front page story about the boarding schools is just one example of that. And so we wish all of our readers a most Happy New Year and may Wakan Tanka bring you the happiness you deserve.

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