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Looking for a ‘fancy’ restaurant

All of us like to find a restaurant, one we could call a “fancy” restaurant, at which to dine every now and then. Of course we all know the meal will be expensive, and that is why we only eat there on very special occasions.
When looking for one of these so-called “fancy” restaurants in Rapid City we have to go to the drawing boards. What are you hungry for? If it is Italian then the place to go in Rapid is Botticelli’s, the Olive Garden or Pisano’s Pacchia. For sea food there is the Red Lobster.
There are several steak houses in town but we hear that Del Monico’s in downtown Rapid is one of the best. Others swear by the Dakota Steakhouse. One of our staff members said the best steaks can be found at Longhorn’s Steakhouse off Eglin Street.
When it comes to Mexican Cuisine the choices are many, but for a truly fine dining Mexican experience many agree that El Sombrero’s tops the list.
Grouchy was talking with some friends about great places to dine in this city. They all agreed that really classy places do not last long here. Most local diners just go for their meat and potatoes. Maybe it’s not the meals alone that make a place “fancy” but the décor has a lot to do with it.
There are many good places to dine in town. Grouchy likes Pandora’s at the Crossing simply because they serve such a variety of soups and their bread is to die for.
Somebody mentioned a place called Remington’s, but no one in the conversation could remember where it was or what they served.
There used to be a restaurant up on the top floor of the building next to the federal building downtown. It was a great place to dine because of the spectacular view of the city. Was that Remington’s? Someone mentioned that the Epicurean once occupied that top floor.
Many would probably say Colonial House up on Mount Rushmore Road is one of the fanciest places to dine, especially since they moved to their new location.
However Grouchy’s old standby restaurant of excellence is Minerva’s. The food is always great and the salad bar is one of the best. The atmosphere is always appealing.
So there you have it. If you have a favorite “fancy” place where you like to eat let us know and we will put out the word.

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