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Looking for The BEST burger in town?

Culvers has you covered! The first Culvers opened by Craig and Lea Culver in Sauk City Wisconsin, in 1984, serving up the first ever ButterBurger. What is a ButterBurger, you may ask. Grouchy thought the frozen beef patties were drenched in butter and fried? Wrong! First off Culvers uses fresh beef, never frozen, and the burgers are hand formed and seared to protection. The special butter comes on the bun, the butter they use comes from Alcam Creamery, a small family owned creamery, in where else but the Dairy State, Wisconsin. This technique has been used since day one.

Culvers is not a one trick pony they are also known for their delicious frozen custards, it was these two items that put Culvers on the map. Over time they introduced other fan favorites to their menu. Since they originated in the Dairy State, why not put Wisconsin Cheese Curds on the menu, and that they did in 1997. If you have never had a WI Cheese Curd you need to try one: little randomly shaped “nuggets” of cheese usually cheddar breaded and deep fired to a golden brown.

Rapid City has three Culvers locations. The original is on the back side of Baken Park, on West Main St. The second location is at Rushmore Crossing on Eglin St, and the newest location is at the top of Mt Rushmore Road. So, no matter where you are in town, there is a Culvers nearby. Grouchy headed to the Mt. Rushmore Road location this past Friday to have a famous ButterBurger. All burgers and fries are made fresh to order. You may have a bit of a wait, but it is worth the wait.

Grouchy was too late for dine in since the lobby closes at 8 PM, so had to settle for the drive-thru. The new burger they are featuring is A Cheese Lover’s Dream, a WI cheese pub burger double patty with Havarti and cheddar cheese on cheddar bun with roasted garlic mayo, fries and a drink, for $11.81. It was to my understanding that any toppings you add are free, but upon looking at my receipt I did get my onions and pickles at no charge, but I did get charged for my tomato. Either way it was one fine burger. And the crinkle cut fires were amazing. Culvers has earned all five of their stars. One word for Culvers, DELICIOUS.

If burgers are not your thing, don’t fret, they have a little bit of everything from soups, salads, fish, chicken, the list goes on and on. Don’t forget the ice cream, shakes, malts, and custards. Culvers has you covered. All RC Culvers are open 7 days a week 10 AM to 10 PM lobby closes at 8 PM.

Until next week, get out and enjoy some family time at the lakes and pools, stay hydrated, grab an ice cold treat at Culvers, and good eats.


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