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Mark Henry “Doobie” Dubray, Jr.



PARMELEE – Mark Henry “Doobie” DuBray, Jr. “Akicita Ohitika”, 29, made his journey to the Spirit World on Saturday, October 13, 2018 in Parmelee.

Mark Henry “Doobie” DuBray, Jr. was born on December 12, 1988 at Rosebud Hospital during a great snow storm. His uncle Boob loaded up his mother, lifted her into a big pickup and hauled her away. The baby was handed to his uncle and he said he was damn proud! His dad Mark was in the US Navy when Doobie was born, he received his dad’s nickname that he had in the service which was related to our last name DuBray.

Doobie was baptized at Holy Innocents Church in Parmelee, his god parents were Akuwin Young-Searby, Seth Boob Du- Bray and Russell Running Horse.

Doobie had the strongest pigeon toed gait, he grew and grew…tall and big as expected. Doobie loved Parmelee and free roaming his hometown. Doobie lived his life to the fullest, he went to elementary school at He Dog, Standing Rock, and middle school at Crazy Horse and high school at Todd County where he graduated. His middle school and high school years were consumed with his drive for basketball and he loved ballin’! He had accomplished many awards and participated in many basketball tournaments, travel afar.

Doobie and his brother Jerry were known for mischief at times, absolute craziness! He loved board games, cards and Uno, especially Monopoly. Doobie had a personality that was laid back you could say, easy going, very observant and always smiling. The boys were taught young to mechanic by their dad, they picked up on everything showed to them by their uncles too. They were real all around’s and would not lack for trying to attempt to fix it, they knew ranching and helped always. Yes he rode horses when he had too! He enjoyed ATV’s, shooting guns and blowing up things.

Doobie was a gentle giant, he was a ladies’ man and was very kind. He’d tried to help as many as he can when he could. He adored food, he liked pizza, wings and soup of any kind, frybread, skillet and baked.

He had great work ethics instilled in him, he worked in Las Vegas for the Paiute Tribe, at 4 Bears Casino, Petty Roustabout and other Oil Companies on the Fort Berthold Reservation where he followed and lived with his aunts, Rachael & Prairie Rose. He met some great friends at Fort Berthold and he showed them how crazy he could be.

Doobie received his Lakota name in August 2018 which had been passed down from his dad, Akicita Ohitika, his hunka is Mr. Garland Not Afraid, husband of Isabelle DuBray-Not Afraid of Allen.

The entire family is close bonded so he grew up with all his cousins, they are all brothers and sisters, and they acknowledge their strong Lakota bond by calling each other brother and sister.

His parents are Kandice Flying Horse and the late Mark DuBray Sr. His children are Wanbli and Chandler, his sisters are Kaneesha and Taneesha DuBray and his brothers are Jerome (deceased) and Seth DuBray. His is the grandson of the late Seth & Altine DuBray and Gloria Owns Pipe, and the late Bruce Flying Horse.

Pallbearers will be: Seth Du- Bray, John Wounded Face, Aaron Stoddard, Garrett Sitting Bear, Micah White Body, Jay Young, Leland Two Eagle, Jr. and Richard Young.

A one night wake service started on Friday, October 19, 2018 at the He Dog School in Parmelee. Funeral services were held on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at the He Dog School, with Mother Lauren Stanley officiating. Burial was at the 3/Q DuBray Ranch in Parmelee.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge.

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