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McDonald’s: An unnecessary action

By Native Sun News Today staff

RAPID CITY – A male caller identifying himself as “Joe from McDonald’s” phoned the business office of Native Sun News Today several days ago and in a very rude fashion said, “I want your newspaper vending machine taken away from the front of McDonald’s immediately.”
Since so many Native Americans have their meals at that particular McDonald’s on E. North Street, the employees at NSNT were taken aback by the rude and abrupt call.
The next day the circulation manager of NSNT went to the E. North Street location and removed the vending machine. Immediately thereafter Native American customers began to stream into the office of NSNT wondering why the newspaper’s machine was no longer at McDonald’s. They all had the same story. “I stop there in the morning for breakfast, grab my Native Sun News, get my coffee and meal and then sit back and relax,” they all said.
Because so many Native Americans patronize that particular McDonald’s restaurant NSNT sold more newspapers at that location than at any other place in Rapid City.
The circulation department at NSNT is now working with the manager of the Burger King, just a few stores west of McDonald’s, to install a vending machine at that location.
All of the employees at Native Sun News Today decided they would no longer patronize any of the McDonald restaurants in Rapid City. The excuse given to the circulation department at NSNT for forcing the newspaper to remove its vending machine was, “We are doing some extensive remodeling and beautification of our store and we think the newspaper vending machines are not very attractive.”

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