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McDonald’s ordered us to remove our newspaper machine from their business

Every summer the Native Sun News Today staff holds a get-together picnic and we usually hold it at Canyon Lake Park. This year our favorite spot at the west end of the park was taken by a wedding party so we shopped around and found a nice quiet spot with tables and a grill in the center of the park.
Kirk Dickerson, Captain Kirk, brought his world famous deep fried chicken. April White Hat brought a delicious salad, and of course there were the usual selection of baked beans and potato salads. All in all it was a great picnic. Ernestine Chasing Hawk usually brings her great fry bread, but his year she had a previous engagement to sell her Indian Tacos at Cheyenne River. Eric Yellow Boy had an already planned trip he had to take to Eagle Butte so two of our major players were not there.
Mariah Scheckel was there acting as if she didn’t have a care in the world even though she was just two days away from having a baby boy. The baby was born a day after Labor Day and he is a cutey. Mariah is healthy and chomping at the bit to come back to work.
Tim ran into one of his old employees from Indian Country Today at the Post Office on Tuesday. It was Roberta Crazy Thunder. He has been a friend of the Crazy Thunder family since he was a boy. She looked great and reminisced about the old days at the newspaper.
Tim and Jackie met with Julie Jenson at Shooter’s for some chicken tenders and a glass of wine last week. Julie runs the tourism thing for Rapid City and is always full of good news. They do this about once a month just to keep up on things.
Richard Zephier had open heart surgery last week and we hear he had a triple artery bypass. He is doing well and still thinking about getting back into the political arena. As a matter of fact our old friend Lloyd “Luff” Goings and former employee for Tim at the Lakota Times had lunch with Bryan Brewer on Friday.
Our gifted columnist Ivan Star Comes Out is having some real problems with his computer so much so that he has not been able to send us his weekly column. We hope he gets it fixed real soon because everybody misses his down on the rez columns.
We got a call from the new owner of the McDonald’s Restaurant on East North Street and he told us he wanted us to remove our newspaper vending machine from his premises immediately. Yolanda Thompson, our Circulation Manager, complied immediately and picked up our machine. So for all of you Lakota who used to get your Native Sun News at McDonald’s, you will not find our vending machine there anymore. Too bad. A lot of our readers bought their coffee there and then kicked back to drink their coffee and read our newspaper.
Our staff is still boycotting Big D ever since they had us remove our newspaper from all of their gas stations. They told us that they wanted ALL newspapers out of there stores. They lied. They are still carrying the Rapid City Journal, the white-owned newspaper. Times are tough enough without a small business having to fight the local white-owned businesses to survive. Doksa ake.’.

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