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Millstone restaurant quenched Grouchy’s late night cravings

Getting home late from work, Grouchy decided it was too late to cook dinner. So the thought of going out to eat that night seemed like a good idea. Which restaurant should one choose though? Grouchy’s friend had an excellent crab boil a month earlier. Feeling bad for the friend who spent a lot of money and time preparing the dishes yet did not get a chance to eat any of it due to unexpected guests. In turn, Grouchy decided to make it up by taking the friend to find a seafood restaurant but to Grouchy dismay they were all closed.

Grouchy was getting grouchier because of his hunger and frustration that the restaurants had closed so early. Driving around town an idea popped into the Grouch’s head, how about the Millstone Restaurant? Upon arrival, much to our surprise they were still open and Grouchy felt relieved. It may have been close to closing time as restaurant employees were doing their end of the shift preparations.

Looking around at the establishment Grouchy’s eyes were delighted to see the big booth spaces with thick leather seating. Yes, just what Grouchy needed, extra room for his hungry tummy. Grouchy kind of likes it when there are a few customers because you command most of your server’s attention.

And Grouchy has to say that the service was impressive. Our waitress Tiffany had great knowledge of the restaurant menu and was able to answer all of the questions presented for the order. She was very prompt, professional and attentive getting our drinks quickly to table.

Grouchy was in the mood for breakfast items at dinner time and thank goodness the Millstone always has those items available. Grouchy Gourmet ordered the Celebration Skillet which contained Grilled Peppers, tomatoes with ground beef. Crispy hash browns with two eggs. It also contained melted cheddar cheese with picante sauce and sour cream. Menu price for the Celebration Skillet was only $9.55. Grouchy’s guest ordered Barbeque Pork Ribs and a baked potato with sour cream and butter for $13.00 from the dinner menu. Grouchy’s guest skipped the salad and waited on the main course.

Speaking of the main course it arrived much sooner than expected. Seeing the melted cheese over the Celebration Skillet and the aroma of the Pork Ribs made waiting worth the trip.

“Skipping salad?” Grouchy asked. “Yes,” guest replied, “they must be getting ready to close because most items have been removed from the salad buffet.”  Grouchy always wanted to try hamburger in the breakfast dish. However, something strange happened when Grouchy got down to the bottom of the dish. Grouchy believes there was a tortilla or something that Grouchy could not cut or penetrate with a knife. It set Grouchy back a little knowing he was able to touch the plate at the bottom on previous dishes. For some reason that ruined the perfect dining experience.

Grouchy’s guest asked the server if the ribs were tender and boy were they. Grouchy’s guest stated they realized it was close to closing time and that may be why the butter or sour cream on the baked potato had not melted. It may have been kept in a warmer along with the ribs. It is good that restaurants do their best not to waste food but it can be a tough balance to get really fresh food at closing time.

After receiving the check it was time for Grouchy to go. The Grouch was barely able to get out of the booth due to his stuffed tummy. Grouchy left a good tip for good service and thanked the employees for their late night work and exited the door. The next time Grouchy visits Millstone he would like to try the Friday Fish Special. Yummy for Grouchy’s tummy.

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