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National Cinema Day, 2022: how about a movie?


Coming to a movie theater near you, National Cinema Day is September 3, all day long. Anyone can go watch any movie that day, for $3 plus tax. National Cinema Day, is an annual event, and the movie choices have recently been pretty fun to go see. Spiderman No Way Home is showing, as is Thor: Love and Thunder, Top Gun: Maverick, the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie, Bullet Train, Beast, Minions, Nope, and Elvis also have showing times. The AMC Carmike 10 has a good choice of variety, and has a special with $5 plus tax will get you popcorn and pop to enjoy as well.

For the Golden Ticket Cinema, there are also options, with Spiderman No Way Home, Minions The Rise of Gru, The Invitation, Bullet Train, Where the Crawdads Sing, Thor Love and Thunder and Top Gun for options. At this time the theater doesn’t show a special for food or drinks, but it doesn’t hurt to double check their web page if one comes up.

So we’ll see everyone at the theaters come Saturday, should be a lot of viewing options to consider!

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