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Native American Day and Black Hills Powwow take a hiatus

little notesEveryone at the Native Sun News Today is still being cautious while wearing masks as large numbers of the virus are being reported in the Midwest and South Dakota.

Kristi Noem still refuses to even consider a mask mandate for South Dakota while she is speaking at populated rallies on the road with Trump’s campaign.

Kirk Dickerson made a trip up to Crow Creek and Lower Brule last week. He said that Lower Brule was quiet, but all his friends in Crow Creek were excited to see him. It sounded like his customers tried to feed him at every stop while he was there.

Football season has started which keeps Captain Kirk Dickerson’s sports column full of the ever evolving world of sports. Kirk’s team, the Broncos, have not been off to a phenomenal start so we haven’t heard very much about them around the office since the season has kicked off.

Dylan Deadrick, a part of our production team, is working hard on his senior year of high school. He has to log on to his computer and have over an hour of uninterrupted school-work time each day that he is not in the classroom.

Ryan Charging Cloud, a former member of our production team, stopped in last week to see everyone and catch up. Travis Dewes and John Taylor are among the different faces around the office that Ryan never worked with. Ryan introduced himself to both of them so he isn’t so much of a stranger the next time he stops in.

As Native American Day is on October 12, we have been thinking about our annual Native American Day issue. Look for it on our newsstands in two weeks’ time.

James Giago was recently trained in as a sales person in lieu of Eric Yellow Boy’s absence. Political season and our Native American Day issue is a good time to hit the ground running as a sales person. We think that James will become a selling-machine and make a great addition to the sales department.

Travis Dewes, our staff writer, has also been busy during the past few weeks working with political candidates. He was able to meet Dan Ahlers and Remi Bald Eagle, both of whom are running on the statewide ballot. Travis had kind things to say about both of them.

This year’s Native American Day will look quite different without the Black Hills Powwow and Native American Day Parade. Everyone at the Native Sun News Today looks forward to the Powwow and Parade each year but the cancellation means that 2021 will be looked forward to that much more.

The crew at the paper likes to reminisce of Octobers past, especially the 1990 creation of Native American Day in the state of South Dakota which was sparked by letters between Tim Giago, then publisher of Indian Country Today, and George Mickelson, then Governor of South Dakota.

A lot has changed since 1990 and there have been ups and downs. We here at the Native Sun News Today will make our best effort that the COVID-19 version of October 12 is one to remember. Doksa ake’.

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