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Native Sun News celebrates the New Year

2Native Sun News has completed their hard earned Christmas Break. It was needed mightily due to the heavy workloads of a newspaper throughout the year. That is a great sign of success though. Readers and advertisers have been tremendous last year. Busy phones and getting the voice of the people out to our audience has been the mainstay.

For the most part the Christmas break gave us a chance to recover both mind and body. It was also a chance for many staffers to make their medical appointments or to catch up on things we had to put to the way side. It was great to be able to spend time with our children and grandchildren.

One of the things about time off is that you find yourself eating more during the day. It seems like the holidays you typically gain weight from all the festivities.

Our Editor-in-Chief Ernestine Anunkasan Hopa had a marvelous time with her grandchildren. They spent the day after Christmas making bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry. Then Ernie cooked a post-Christmas dinner with turkey, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. Her big family squeezed into her little trailer but all were well fed. She was also able to obtain a nice ham from Feeding South Dakota’s mobile food truck, which included all the fixings for a New Year’s Eve dinner including scalloped potatoes and a corn casserole. It took several days to finish so Ernie made ham and bean soup and sandwiches with the leftovers. On New Year’s Day she and her grandchildren had fun making treats to give to friends and family.

A lot of people make a New Year’s Dinner including our Business Manager Yolanda Thompson. She had wanted to make a New Year’s dinner with black-eyed peas. Her significant other Arnie said, “no on the peas.” Instead he went out and bought some rib-eye steaks instead. Now Yolanda knows what to do whenever she wants steak. We later found out that Arnie was opposed to the peas because he ate them every day growing up.

Our Assistant Editor Marne Cook also had a family dinner at her significant other Lonnie’s family. Dinner and a movie topped their New Year’s evening. With all the food and festivities it is no wonder so many people make weight loss their number one New Year’s resolution. Marnie was also relieved over the holidays that on her other job at the bus depot people were kind and behaving themselves as they boarded and disembarked their charter buses.

Good news! Our publisher Jackie Giago has been under the weather for the last couple of weeks. There’s a general sigh of relief among the staff to find out that she is feeling much better and ready to return to the office after her bout with the flu. She was so grateful to have good neighbors who checked on her regularly, picked up medications for her and did small chores for her over the holiday. There is something reassuring knowing that there are still good people in this world who care for those in need.

If you thought you were hearing gun shots around your house they most likely were not. Some of our staff had reported hearing these sounds and ran to their windows to discover a nice fireworks display. Oh yes, that is right it is New year’s Eve we said to ourselves.

Our general manager Kirk was able to finally go through and empty out the boxes from his move. Finding so many items that you thought were lost forever is a little bit like Christmas.

The new home has been a good change for Kirk’s son Markell. Markell has autism and so change can be difficult and cause a lot of anxiety. But Markell loves the larger home. He has never been so happy and it clearly shows in his day to day behavior. Good move!

So far it has been a dry winter as predicted by the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Even though we need the moisture it has been nice to have less snow and ice causing dangerous conditions. Especially here in South Dakota where a few inches of snow can create huge snow drifts on the open plains. While there hasn’t been a lot of snow, West River did receive a rare ice storm mixed with snow. Steady upper forty degree temperatures still have not completely removed the ice that has stuck to the ground.

Students typically return to school this time of year and parents can be a little relieved. There has been a tremendous increase in the cost of child care and having them back in school can relieve some of the financial stress.

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