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Native Sun News is gearing up for Native American Day

There has been beautiful weather lately in the Black Hills (Pa He Sapa). There has been an unusual amount of rain over this past Summer that has left everything lush and green. One of the great things about South Dakota besides the fishing and hunting is having the four seasons.

Well, it is also the season for the upcoming 35th Annual He Sapa Wacipi Na Oskate that will be held inside the new Monument Arena October 6 – 8. Native Sun News loves to assist in getting readers ready to attend. We will have a booth set up to get papers out to attendees offering drawings for free subscriptions as well. It is always fun and interesting at the booth saying hello to friends walking by and meeting new ones as well.

A great thing about Pow Wows is visiting all the vendor booths. They offer a wide variety of items for sale especially one of kind items you can’t find anywhere. Vendors work long hours during the Pow Wow to provide very nice goods and services so please support them.

Leading up to the Pow Wow is the Native American Day Parade in Downtown Rapid City. This event has steadily grown in attendance over eight years of its existence. Rural American Initiatives, the founder of the parade, have now turned it over the Great Plains Tribal Leaders Health Board this year. There will be many creative, beautiful floats for the public to admire in which there is usually a contest between them. Last year, the Black Hills Clean Water Alliance took first place with a very beautiful and informative float design.

Wambli Ska Dance Society has previously dominated float contest. They would have not only a decorative float but an actual drum group would sing as they passed you by during the parade. Our General Manager Kirk plans to pull the little red wagon again handing out candy to all the children in attendance. We used to toss candy out of the Native Sun News van but it was a safety factor with children running out the street to retrieve it.

Native Sun News is sad to announce the passing of Doris Giago, former wife Native Sun News publisher/owner Tim Giago Jr. Doris taught Journalism at South Dakota State University. Funeral services were held in Batesland last week.

Kirk and Jackie attended a very interesting Black Hills Press Club last week in which dynamite was written all over it. It hosted a panel of consisting of a Geologist and Professor from the School of Mines and President of the Black Hills Gold Company. In a room filled with environmentalist, it was powder cake awaiting for the smallest flame. Panel guest stated there has been mining of resources in the Black Hills for over 130 years as a series of boos resonated across the room.

“Today’s mining is more for Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel and Magnesium,” explained the panel. There were concerns about how much water is needed for these operations. As it was explained that the water is recycled for reuse.

A very upset guest in the room, Missy Mousseau from Porcupine, South Dakota exclaimed to the panelist that they did not mention any treaty obligations that are in place. This upset her and the fact that so many valuable minerals and resources have been removed over the century.

Our General Manager Kirk ran into a very hilarious situation last week. Kirk had been trying to track down Lynn Kendall from Black Hills Energy for ad in the Black Hills Pow Wow issue at the old location on Deadwood Ave. that did not have public access. After some phone calls and doorbell  ringing went unanswered, he decided to go back to his vehicle and try calling customer service. As he was doing this two people appeared outside of his car window asking if he needed assistance. Kirk stated, “Yes I am trying to reach Lynn Kendall inside.”

Then he heard her say, “Hi Kirk that is me!” Laughs and giggles exploded on such a rare outing. Lynn then stated to Kirk, “We are going to call you the Native Sun News Genie because you can pop in and out of places.”

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