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Native Sun News Today endorses the following candidates

For those Native Americans who still believe that the Donald Trump Administration has no ulterior motives when it comes to the Native Nations consider this.

Trump acted in line with his strange ability to float an idea just to see how people react to it and if there is no reaction, to move forward with a new law.

In the case of the Wampanoag Tribe, a small New England Tribe, Trump tested the waters on termination. He decided that in order to begin the process of terminating Indian tribes he had to float an example out there and see how the Nation and the Indian tribes would react to it. He therefore decided to take the lands of the Wampanoag out of trust thereby terminating its status as a federally recognized tribe. Most Trump watchers knew this attack on the Indian nations would be coming, but Trump has been so tied up trying to stay in office, despite having been terminated by Congress, that he has not had the time to go after the Indian Tribes he felt were responsible for putting his gambling casinos out of business.

In hearings back in the early 80s he testified against allowing Indian gaming and spoke out against some of the Eastern tribes that were in the process of applying to operate gaming casinos. He testified that, “Look at them, they don’t even look like Indians.” He aimed these racist comments at tribes like the Pequot because many of their members has intermarried with African Americans.

He decided to try terminating a small tribe that he felt most Americans knew nothing about. When he went after the Wampanoag Tribe the leaders of every Indian Tribe in America took exception to this blatant act of racism because they all knew that if he got away with terminating one small tribe, he would soon be coming after all of the tribes. A federal court disagreed with Trump and re-instated the Wampanoag’s to their tribal status.

It is just a few days until the 2020 Elections and many Natives across America have already cast their votes, but if you have not and if you are waiting for Election Day, just remember what the Trump Administration tried to do to the Wampanoag Tribe and vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. If Trump is given 4 more years the damage he will do to the Indian Nations will be irreparable.

And while we are on the subject of voting please cast your vote for a Democrat named Dan Ahlers who is running against Mike Rounds, a Trump enabler, who never said a single word while Trump was trying to terminate an Indian tribe. We need a senator with a mind of his own, not one wrapped around Trumps lies and deceit. There is an election to find a new president for the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Native Sun News Today is endorsing Kevin Killer.

Kevin Killer (Oglala Sioux) (born May 4, 1979) is a youth activist and an American politician, serving as a Democratic member of the South Dakota House of Representatives, he represented the 27th district from 2009 until 2017. In 2017, he was elected to the South Dakota Senate, representing the 27th district. He lives in Pine Ridge. He has had to lock horns with the big politicians in Pierre and he is more than ready to take on the considerable problems of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. So on November 3, 2020, check your ballots and put your mark next to the name of Biden/Harris, Dan Ahlerss and Kevin Killer. Let’s make it a full sweep.


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