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Newsroom happenings at NSNT

Little Notes Wowapi Cikala



Ryan Charging Cloud, a former Pine Ridge Police Officer, has taken over the Production Department like a flash. He is working in conjunction with the Layout and Design Department as well as with all of the advertising sales guys and gals. It used to take two people to do the job he is doing by himself.

One of our hardest working employees is Yolanda Thompson. She not only runs the Circulation Department, but runs the Pine Ridge and Rosebud delivery routes every week. She keeps a close eye on the delivery vans and lets the boss know when it is time to change oil and lube them up.

Jackie Giago had to make a run to Albuquerque last week in order to make her final visit to the University of New Mexico Medical Center where she has been in a multiple sclerosis experimental program for 27 years. MS is an incurable disease at the present time, but she has been helped considerably by one of the experimental drugs. She will no longer have to go to the UNM Medical Center annually, but instead will get her medications locally. For her contributions to the study she has been awarded a free lifetime supply of the medication she has been on all of these years.

Christy Tibbitts went to a restaurant that had bad food and even worse service. She was complaining about it so everyone at the office told her to write a Grouchy Gourmet column about it. She is thinking about it. From the memos etc. she puts together at the office we all know she is a good writer.

Eric Yellow Boy has had a few ups and downs in the past couple of years, but he is settling in and showing everybody that he can be a really good advertising salesman. We think it takes Lakota men and women a little while in their lives to find their true vocations.

Kim Greager has been coming along nicely while training under the calm guidance of Laura Tonkyn to take over the Layout and Design Department after Laura retires. Laura intends to travel and do a lot of camping out after she retires. She is still pretty young so we all wonder how long she will stay retired. She always has a job with Native Sun News Today if she decides to come out of retirement.

Kim is also a very good writer and you will see her stories in our paper quite often. She always has one story waiting in the wings and ready.

Tim Giago III has been writing a weekly column with Kirk Dickerson about the NFL. He has been living in Brookings, but he is ready to come back to Rapid City and join up with Yolanda in the Circulation and Distribution Department. He said he misses Rapid and all of the friends and relatives he has here. His mother was a Brewer so you know he has lots and lots of relatives here and in Pine Ridge.

Someone called us the other day and said, “Did you see that the wannabe at Lakota Country Times is attacking your newspaper?” Hardly worth a yawn or a response from us. Rave on dear Jim, rave on.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day. Doksa ake’.

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