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Next time we get strawberry-rhubarb pie

It was a busy weekend in West River, what with all the Rally motorcycles and the Central Plains Regional Legion Baseball Tournament at Dave Ploof Field. The winding highways up through the Black Hills are filled with extra traffic, and sadly, there have been some fatalities. Drive carefully, and be prepared for other drivers not to drive carefully.

Ernestine was down on Pine Ridge taking in the Wounded Knee Memorial Motorcycle Run and the Oglala Nation Wacipi and parade. She had a great time and got some great pictures. It has been a long time since the NSNT had a photo essay.

Jackie has a thing for Heath candy bars. You can’t find them as easily as some years back, but they are still available at specialty candy stores. Lots of nostalgia candy sits on their shelves, but it can get pretty pricey.

Captain Kirk has a new Captain Kirk miniature on his desk. The miniature is sitting in his command chair, legs crossed, looking like he is about to say, “Ahead Warp Factor 7, Scotty.”

“We canna go that fast, Cap’n! It’ll tear the ship apart!”

“That’s an order, mister!”

Our Captain Kirk doesn’t go Warp Factor 7 performing his duties, but there are days he comes close. His specialty is arriving at exactly the right time with Daylight Donuts.

“We canna put this newspaper out without Daylight Donuts, Cap’n!”

Joe Budd has a collection of candy and snacks on his desk to rival a candy specialty shop. People passing by tend to take a little of this and a little of that but he has a stash that is deep and varied enough he never runs out of critical supply.

The NSNT van is in the process of being replaced. The new van will have a completely utility function. The old van was all dolled up, from bumper to bumper, with a Native Sun News Today wrap. Our former sales rep Mike Valdez negotiated a trade for the wrap and it was sad to see it hauled away. While this was great advertising for the paper, it didn’t help to protect our little van when somebody decided to plow into it from behind.

Yolanda is still recovering from hand surgery, and still has wires in her hand that need to be removed. It isn’t easy delivering newspapers when you struggle to pick up a bundle.

Once again, Captain Kirk has come through as the chief supplier of breakfast eats. He also picked up a roll of tape, to try and tape our temporary sign back up in our new offices, which will have to do, until the permanent sign arrives. Tape and gravity do not get along but Kirk’s morning tape job is still holding late into the afternoon so maybe come tomorrow morning we won’t all get here with the sign on the floor. Kirk teased that he could hang up the hood from our wrecked van with our Native Sun News Logo on it as our new sign. Eeez not that rezzy, but it would work ennit.

Holly brought rhubarb cake, which was much appreciated. She wasn’t happy that the rhubarb all settled on the bottom and she patiently explained to staff what mistakes she made and how she was going to adjust time and temperature to avoid those mistakes next time. Hopefully, there is a next time, and maybe she will also bake a strawberry-rhubarb pie and bring that, along with some whipped cream, and then there will take our time devouring that entire pie.

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