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No, they didn’t name it after Valentine, Neb.

No, they didn’t name it after Valentine, Neb.


The Black Hills Stock Show was in town last week and so the city was filled with pickup trucks, horse trailers, cowboys, cowgirls and horses.

A few years ago there was always a group of Lakota dancers who opened the show. They would come into the arena dancing in their full regalia and the Lakota women, mostly elders, were a beautiful sight to behold.

There was always one or two Lakota cowboys competing in the bareback and saddle bronc riding, and maybe one in the bull riding. There was always a large turnout of Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota visitors from all of the reservations in the state.

One Lakota man remembered that when they were kids, local businesses used to give them tickets to get into the rodeo. There was always a huge carnival that came to town for the stock show and this is where you would find most of the Lakota boys and girls. Whatever happened to those days?

These Monday holidays sure take a toll on the employees. It seems to take 2 weeks to get back into the groove after taking 3 days off. What’s worse the sales department really feels the pain. It is doubly hard for a sales person covering Pine Ridge and Rosebud to get on the move again.

Tim wrote a column several weeks ago about the history of the old railroad depot. He wrote about how so many men and women who joined the service caught their trains out of that depot and for some, during the war, was the last sight they ever saw of Rapid City.

He was driving past the old building, now restored, that was once a La Costa Restaurant, and it then sat empty for about 2 years, and lo and behold it is now rented by Senator Mike Rounds and the sign on the building calls it a “historic site.” Gee, we wonder where Rounds and his staff learned that.

The next so-called holiday that is not really a holiday will be on Feb. 14. It is called Valentine’s Day. No they didn’t name it after Valentine, Neb. But the only thing besides cards that sells so well on that day is “chocolate.” Hummm!

Have a great week and doksa ake’.


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