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Offended by South Dakota’s governor

To the Editor,

I’m from SD and very disappointed with our governors behavior towards LGBT and transgender people who have same rights as we do. It will affect SD beyond tourism if she and legislators do not wake up. I apologize to all who are offended by her and am hoping for change.


4 responses to “Offended by South Dakota’s governor”

  1. Jim Lockwood says:

    I am from South Dakota (born and raised) and a veteran and most importantly a born again Christian. I am proud of our governor Kristy Noem for standing on God ordained principles. God’s love letter to us all ( the Bible) describes His love for us all and teaches us about His character and His will for how we are to live. May God bless you all!!!

  2. Odette says:

    She is not against you. What is not wanted are boys transgendered into women participating in womens sports. I dont know where she stands on the bathroom issue but if you have a male part you dont belong in the girls bathroom

  3. Proud Patriot says:

    You’re on your own there. Kristi Noem is an awesome governor who represents the interests and ideals of the majority of South Dakotans. I have a great deal of respect for Governor Noem and will be voting for her when she runs for re-election.

  4. Richard Peterson says:

    God made man and woman not women to be men and men to be women Only the devil would do such a thing.

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