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One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…wait no fish?

Watch out Red Lobster, there’s a storm of crabs a coming!

Storming Crab hit the city by storm. It has been a long time since we have had a restaurant that can cater to the seafood lover—up until last month, Red Lobster was the only seafood restaurant in Rapid. Storming Crab changed that on July 21st, just in time for the 81st Sturgis Bike Rally.

Storming Crab is located at Rushmore Crossing, just off I-90 in the old Native New Yorker building, which has sat empty for a few years. The pandemic hit a lot of American businesses hard with some still closing, so it is nice to see new places popping up. And Grouchy was running out of places to review.

Rapid City has the first and only Storming Crab Cajun Seafood & Bar in all of South Dakota—take that Sioux Falls! There are 24 restaurants in 13 states.  Storming Crab specializes in crab legs, lobster, oysters, shrimp, clams, scallops, mussels, and Louisiana classics like crawfish, fried gator meat, and calamari. All of which can be ordered by the pound, half pound or as a part of one of their signature dinner combos. They offer customizable combos that feed two to three people or the happy family that feeds up to six.

Grouchy’s mouth has been watering for months now for some Storming Crab, ever since Grouchy drove by and noticed them working on the building. So on Saturday afternoon we decide to give them a try. Upon entering you are greeted by what most restaurants would call graffiti, but hear at Storming Crab they encourage you to write on the wall.

We waited for about a month before visiting—with any new thing in town people flock to it just to get something new and different, and opening just before Rally, well, that was either genius or insane, not too sure which one. We were seated right away, they were not overly busy—I expected it to be busier for a Saturday afternoon, but it did take a bit for our server to greet us.

Looking over the menu there is a seafood feast, but as far as fish there are only two options, the fish stick appetizer (Grouchy has never seen that before) or the catfish Po’boy. But if you are looking for some crustaceans, this is the place for you! It took us a bit to see our server, and she was unsure about a few things on the menu.

We both settled on the baskets, Mamma Grouchy ordered the soft shell crab basket with Cajun lemon pepper fries and I ordered the combo basket with soft shell crab and ½ order of Gator meat, and red potatoes with a side of Cajun butter. Our total bill was $27.93. Each table receives a basket of seafood bread to snack on—it was like garlic cheese bread with a crab flavor, it was good but the only negative thing I would have to say about it was they did not give you enough, there were only two slices and this Grouchy wanted more!

It took some time for our food to arrive, our server did stop by once and tell us that they only had two fryers so it was taking a bit longer, so that gave us some time to read the walls. They have quite a collection of postings, drawings, and just cute little notes. We got a chance to see some of the food coming out to other tables—everything looked good!

Our baskets finally arrived, Mamma Grouchy’s basket had two little breaded fried crabs and a pile of fires, and mine had one crab and several chunks of Gator meat and my red potatoes on the side. With almost hangry setting in we dug in. With soft shell crabs, the shell is not your usual crab shell—you eat the whole thing. They were lightly breaded and deep fried, Mamma Grouchy was not impressed. In fact, I don’t think she liked it, but she said the fries were good. I thought they were not too bad, I always wanted to try them now I can say I did—but not too sure I would order them again.

The Gator meat was also breaded and deep fried, something else I have always wanted to try, and it was good—this is something I would order again. To me it had the flavor of a crawdad, crawfish, or mud bug (whatever ever you want to call them). My red potatoes were cold so I sent them back for hot ones, without the side of Cajun butter they were very blah. All-in-all, I would give Storming Crab a 7 star rating: service was slow, food took a while and potatoes came out cold. But if you are a seafood lover, give them a try. They offer a full bar with a kids menu and indoor/outdoor seating. They also have a ‘create your own lunch combo’ Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 4 PM. Until next week, enjoy the cooler weather and good eats!


You can find out more about the Storming Crab here:


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