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Orville Smith Shangreaux, 72 November 13, 1950 ~ October 26, 2023

EDGEWATER, CO- Orville Smith Shangreaux “Wanaselya Ohitika” (Brave Scout), 72, made his Journey to the spirit world on October 26,2023 at UC Health Aurora Colorado. Orville was born on November 13, 1950 in Pine Ridge SD to David Shangreaux and Viola Ruff.

Orville grew up in Bear Creek in a traditional tiospaye system practicing the culture, speaking Lakota, respecting Wotakuye principles, and loved his parents and siblings. His father and uncles had over 135 head of horses, over 800 head of cows, and ran them on approximately 9 sections of land collectively.

Orville was always moving around on the land, he had an adventurous soul and would be walking, riding horses, hunting, or swimming all along the community creek in the Bear Creek river streams. He enjoyed the traditional pow wow’s that Bear Creek was known for, families from the Rosebud reservation and all over would come camp for days before and after the pow wow.

Orville ventured out during summer months and would go firefighting with his nephew Carl Standing Bear and other friends and would come back when they were done for the summer trips they went on. He attended St. Elizabeth School in Wakpala, SD on the Standing Rock Reservation and made many friends; here is where he developed his skill in basketball and was one of the first players on the Bear Creek Falcons team that his cousin Charles started and all the family members that also played on the team. Because of his hustle and shooting skill, it launched his future and love in playing in tournaments throughout Indian country.

Him and his wife Carol Jean started the Red Eagle Basketball team at the 6 ft & under Nationals at Albuquerque NM and placed 3rd, this is what perpetrated his love for competing in the tournaments he attended throughout his lifetime winning the NIAA Championship at Window Rock, AZ in 1988 & Albuquerque, NM in 1990. Red Eagle became a feared warrior team when they first attended the Fort Hall, Idaho Men’s Classic Tournament and won numerous times and have continually either winning and placing in the tournament afterwards.

Orville played with many teams in the older men’s divisions as well as playing with the younger Red Eagle teams that would attend which he and Carl jokingly referred to as the “grade school boys”. Orville was known for his shooting skill and talent and won Individual Awards many times, he was known as the three-point champ at Timbee Hall, and to this day holds the 3 point record in the 55 and over.

Orville also played against the Harlem Globe Trotters the Harlem Magicians, Orville would always tap fight with Harold and taught him how to “issue” as he would call it and would never run from a fight, although the team would frequent “green tea” in Ft Hall he would keep an eye out on a fight and would stand up to anyone who wanted to tangle and would fight for family he loved. He planned every year to attend Ft Hall and would go even if he didn’t have a full team or not and would get on a team to play with from California to Alaska and all places in between, he would always say he planned to continue the “dance on the court” until he could not get in a game anymore and is no doubt lacing up for the glory game with all the players that went before him. He will be missed dearly and will not ever be forgotten for his character, personality, spirit and laughing presence wherever he goes.
Orville is survived by his sister, Daverine Richards of Martin, SD; wife, Carol Jean (Clifford) Shangreaux of Denver, CO; and his children, Lora Shangreaux, Michelle Shangreaux, and Michael Shawn Shangreaux all of Denver, CO. Orville is also survived by his grandchildren, Wakinyan Shangreaux, Lorissa Shangreaux, Waylon Shangreaux, Dwayne Shangreaux, and Miguel Shangreaux all of Denver CO.
Orville was preceded in death by his father, David Shangreaux-Black Eyes; his mother, Viola Ruff; all the Black Eyes uncles; and siblings, Velma Wheeler, Marlene Hernandez, Arlene Richards, Roby Shangreaux, Percy Shangreaux, Kenneth Shangreaux, and John Shangreaux Sr.
Pallbearers will be Alex “Red” Prue, Steve “Stumbles” Stands, Carl “Chepa” Standing Bear, Curtis Hernandez, Isaac Red Bear, Jesse Claussen, Alvin Iron Cloud, Jr. and Cody Hopkins.
Honorary pallbearers will be Harold Salway, Tanya Hernandez & Family, Iris Hernandez & family, Patricia Standing Bear & Family, Alyce Brewer & Family, Carla (Clifford) Poole, Pete & Ann Torres and Family, Ted Standing Soldier, Richard “Dicky: Marshall, Mary Fern Bettelyoun, Duane Janis, Milo Shots, Martin Janis, Dana Dupree, Terry Dupree, Howard Herman, Wes Edmo, Mike Sakalaris, Narcisse Heart, Jess Heart, Tyson Heart, Ike Standing Bear, Percy Cottier, Mary Rose Dillon, Janet Eagle Heart & Family Emmy Eagle Heart & Family, Marlene Poor Bear & Family, Claussen Family, Rose Clifford & Family, Lisa Spotted Tail & Family, Illeen Trujillo, Manny Ortegon & Family, Kevin Trueblood & Family, Myron DuBray, Sr. & Family, Alberto & Donna Salomon, Dennis Cuny, Duane Eagleman, James Harper, Ben Smith & Family, Arlana Bettelyoun & Family, Waylon & Helene Gaddie & Family, Marcella Iron Cloud & Family, Ken Soderlin, Craig & Bonnie Dillon & Family, Jerry Richards, Duane Richards, Shane Montgomery & Family, Robert Two Crow, Barb Cottier & Family, Kelly Cottier & Family, Art & Sherry Has No Horse & Family, Roger Yellow Boy, Montey Buckley & Family, Tom Varnado & Family, James Varnado, Carl & Patricia Johnson, Cherry DuBray, Russel Fly, Sr. & Family, Kermit Randall & Family, Cindy Giago & Family, Wesley Edmo & Family, Williard Tsinigine & Family, Brent Sazue, Danny Prue, Evertte Chasing Hawk, Virgil Tioksin, Rodney Thin Elk, Brad Clown, Gaylen Holy Rock, George & Al Dreamer & Family, Family of the Late Frank Gay, Family of the Late Joe Morrisette, Poor Bear Family, Cottier Family, Bettelyoun Family, Fort Hall Timbee Hall Staff, Yazzie Family, Sharlene May& Family, Anebele Tallman & Family, Garnett Family, Rose DeSersa & Family, E.G. Ward, Sandy Fly & Family, Troy & Terrilynn, Wheeler Family, Joyce Wheeler & Family, Enos, Ursula & Family, Elsie High Horse& Family, Standing Soldier Family, Bugs Red Feather, JD & JoAnn, Salway Family, John Harlen & Family, Illa Lone Hill & Family, Curtis DuBray & Family, Mary Poor Thunder & Family, David & Shanna & Family, Matt & Viola, Cheeser & Sara, David Iron Cloud, Marc Iron Cloud, Debra Johnson & family, Duane Long Pumpkin & Family, Garland Not Afraid & Family, Late Pearl Claussen & Family, John Coats, Jamie Feather Earring, Hermus Poor Thunder & Family, Thelma Shangreaux & Family, Angeline Wheeler & Danny Boy, Sandra Pasma, Mandy Wheeler & Family, Becky Wheeler & Family, All Past and Present Lakota Red Eagle Players, All Nieces, Nephews, Relatives, and Friends, All Basketball Players Past and Present That Were Inadvertently Not Listed That Knew and Played The Awesome Game of Basketball All Over Indigenous Homelands.
Wake Services: Two night wake service starting at 5:00 PM, Friday, November 10, 2023 at the Martin Activity Center in Martin, SD
Funeral Services: 11:00 AM, Sunday, November 12, 2023 at the Martin Activity Center in Martin, SD
Traditional Lakota Services: Harold Dean Salway
Burial Services: To Be Held At A Later Date, Cremation to Follow Services
Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD


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