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Our future is in the hands of the voters



The Republican Party has sorely underestimated the anger of American women over the fiasco surrounding Judge Kavanaugh. The GOP has also badly underestimated the anger of the men who support the women. Women are not in this alone. There are many good men standing behind their wives, mothers, daughters and granddaughters.

The mid-term elections are almost upon us. In this day of deep divisions and anger, it is high time you registered to vote even if you have never voted before and stand up for the people who really need your support.

Every Democrat running for office should never be afraid to call for better healthcare for all Americans, and for the Congress to protect Social Security and Medicare. There was absolutely no reason to cut taxes for the wealthiest 1 percent and scare the hell out of America’s elders by threatening to cut Medicare and Social Security. The Three Stooges serving South Dakota in Congress are merely rubber stamps for the Orange One.

Every Democrat and Republican should question very loudly why this Trump Administration has shown such distain and lack of respect for the thousands of children taken from their parents at the border. Thousands are still separated and are living in tent cities at the border never knowing when or if they will ever see their parent’s again. This is barbaric and definitely not the way to treat innocent children and immigrants.

Actions like this should anger every American.

Everyone now living in America, except the American Indians, are immigrants. They came here from every country in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. African Americans did not come here as immigrants, but as fodder for the slave trade. It was by the sweat of their brows and their aching backs that America was built. How soon we forget.

America in essence has never been great. It has been a Nation that has strived for greatness, but has too often tried to hide its sins behind a falsification of its own history. America has many warts and it should not be afraid to talk about them.

The campaign rally of Make America Great Again is a lie within itself. The acronym MAGA in Lakota means Swan, and the people wearing those hats are far from being swans. They are more like excitable vultures.

The future of this country is in the hands of the people on Election Day and for the first time there are viable Native American candidates running for Congress and many Native Americans running for offices in the state senate and legislators. The more people we, as minorities, can get into public office, the more our needs will be met and represented. Please don’t let this chance to make a change pass you by.


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