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Our leader Tim Giago turned 88 this week

Little notes is always about all the shenanigans that go on around the office, but let’s take a moment to talk about something serious for a moment. As most of you know our leader at the paper Tim has been in the hospital for the last month, and has now entered rehab. Jackie and the crew have set up a Go Fund Me account to help with cost of re-doing some of the house that will not accommodate Mr. G. The family is asking for your help in a donation to Tim’s account. Now on with the shenanigans!

This last week saw a few different folks going in different directions. Joe would go travel into the hills, visiting old sites and was trying to find a way to the old St. Barbara Church, located over the White River. From what he was able to discover, going down by Kyle is the easy route. The second option would have him travel over by Interior, down and then across on the BIA, while the third option is to go to, and ford the river during the dry season. Not exactly recommended during the wet season or with a front wheel drive. It was noted, the original church is gone, but a small chapel was constructed on a hilltop. Other sites he visited or tried to find, was Maitland and Carbonite in the hills, Preston, Darcy, and Balmoral, and was laying out plans to visit locations along Red Shirt table road. He did want to note, he won’t trespass on family plots or cross gates, and he’s interested in history, not in breaking laws.

After recovering from Covid, Ernestine set out to Main Street Square to Native Pop. When asked how it was her response was that Scotti Clifford is something else! He was AMAZING.

Speaking of Covid, our staff is made up of eight people and Mr. & Mrs. Giago, so 10 staff, five of which were out last week. With the move still fresh, that was the last thing we all needed. But thank goodness we are fully staffed this week. Elana and Holly held it down last week, talk about a skeleton crew.

This week Tim turns 88 years old. The past month has been a difficult struggle for Tim. First, he had his right leg amputated at the knee, then he had surgery for colon cancer, and then he caught Covid in ICU, and then he struggled to find placement for rehab. However bad life gets, be grateful you have your independence and liberty. The day eventually comes when we lose both, and Tim is doing his best to regain a semblance of what he once enjoyed. There is still a lot of writing left on his computer once he gets back home and settled into his new work station. Jackie has been holding down the front at home, trying to get the place revamped for Tim’s return, and she’s had to do this fighting her own battle against Covid.

In other disturbing news, Elana, our receptionist, ate a sandwich from the fridge that belonged to her mom, Holly, one of our two stellar sales people. Holly wasn’t happy because she was hungry and forced to eat donuts our production specialist, James, was thoughtful enough to bring in.


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