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Out with the old, and hopefully, in with the New


This is our first editorial of the New Year and it comes at a time when all of the things that will tear down or uplift America are in the balance.
It is problematic that some of the things that can tear America apart are happening the day after we go to press. Mike Pence will officiate over the Electoral College vote on Joe Biden as president-elect and the people of Georgia will determine who controls the senate. These two important things will happen the day after we publish so we can only hope that the impacts of those decisions are favorable to Democracy as we know it.
Donald Trump will be removed from office on January 20 and Joe Biden will be seated as the next President of the United States. The two Democrats will unseat the two Republicans in the U. S. Senate and the Democrats will then control the Senate and the future of this country.
All of the crazies who used every effort and lie to keep Joe Biden from assuming his rightful seat as President of the United States will pay the price for their utter stupidity in the next election.
This Nation has been led by a moron for 4 years. Even Trump’s first Secretary of State Rex Tillerson referred to Trump as a “moron” as he left the office. Trump had the extreme ability to attract many more morons to support his idiocy. The Republican governors who tied themselves to Trump’s coat tails will be going over the cliff with him in the next election because by adhering to his extreme policies, they endangered their own constituents. These puppet governors are responsible for the deaths of many of their citizens simply because they followed the idiocy of a president who called the Coronavirus a hoax.
And so Joe Biden will enter the office of the President of the United States with a vacuum cleaner. The White House has been left in such a mess that it will take an army to clean it up. Laws implemented by Obama that helped preserve our environment were scratched from the books by Trump and the results are obvious. And the list goes on and on.
The Covid-19 pandemic must be brought under control before America can ever move forward again. Governors and mayors need to start listening to the doctors and scientists and not to the politicians. 350,000 Americans are now dead from the virus and it didn’t have to be this way.
Americans of every stripe are frightened and puzzled over the actions of so many Americans they thought they knew. How can these supposedly intelligent Americans follow a lying con-man over the cliff? It reminds some of us of the German citizens who saw the Jewish people being slaughtered in the concentration camps standing idly by and even assisting in that slaughter by saying, “We were only following orders.” That is exactly what many of us saw happening in America. And right up to the very end there were Republicans fighting tooth and nail to keep this chronic liar in office.
Is it over yet? As we go to press it is still in the balance. We hope we have better news next week.

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