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Punxsutawney Phil was right

As spring officially begins this week, Old Man Winter is still hanging around causing delays in paper distribution. It appears that this year when Punxsutawney Phil awakened from his burrow on Gobbler’s Knob, he was right, when he saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter.

However, it is nice not to feel those minus twenty degrees wind chills. We always have to give kudos to our Circulation Driver Ira Colhoff who braves severe weather to distribute the papers both city and statewide.

Hope everyone is enjoying the extra daylight. Kirk’s and Jackie’s only complaint is with the extra daylight—coming home one finds themselves muddling around the house and when it is time to cook dinner its already eight o’clock, too late now! Ernestine said she didn’t think she would see the day when she enjoyed daylight savings time. But now that she is older she wakes up really early, like at 4:30 a.m., she is glad it’s actually an hour later like 5:30 now.

Speaking of Kirk, his grandchild Nathaniel Dickerson was honored at the Rush hockey game. Nate plays basketball for the Special Olympics. That is very nice of the Rush to honor kids with disabilities.

Our new staff writer Chris Pena began his writers training this week. It is great to have Department of Labor aid us getting him trained for all types of styles of writing for the paper. He will be a much needed addition. Chris has been getting his feet in covering stories. He trekked up Black Elk Peak over the weekend and wrote a story which is on the front page of this week’s paper. Jimmy Giago Davies will be his mentor and is helping Chris learn AP style of writing. It is very difficult to find good writers these days as everyone is conditioned to instant news, uploading pictures and videos. It appears that gone are the days of the journalist.

Our new Business Manager Yolanda Thompson is coming along great at her new position. Yolanda is very detail-oriented which pays dividends in her new job position.

The state basketball competitions are finally over. People coming back from the Class A and B tournaments ran into awful weather on I-90 just east of Chamberlain, many were forced to hole up in Mitchell. Jimmy usually gets snowed in at least once a winter out on the secondary blacktop covering some team, but that did not happen this year, although the trip back from the Pine Ridge v Red Cloud game a few weeks back was a lulu.

Years ago Jimmy was snowed in at the Holiday Inn at Minot, North Dakota. That seemed to be a good place to be snowed in at, because they had a restaurant, and an indoor pool, and a work out room, and Jimmy spent the night sitting around the lobby fireplace with coaches and school officials talking basketball to the wee hours until it was time to snuggle into a warm bed, except it wasn’t warm because the heating to the room broke down. They brought in a space heater, but it wasn’t near enough because it was 20 below outside, wind howling so wind chill far worse than that. Jimmy finally gave up, wrapped himself in a blanket and went down to the lobby fireplace and slept in the chair. Chair seemed really comfortable when he sat there sipping on hot tea earlier, but that chair was not very comfortable when you had to sleep in it. The next day was no better, so another night at the Holiday Inn, but fortunately they had fixed the heating system so Jimmy got a good night’s sleep in his room.

Ernestine’s daughter Chantelle Blue Arm and her fiancé Owen Wiese surprised her when they announced that they got married last weekend. Owen’s brother Kyle Wiese, just for the occasion, got ordained as a minister and married them. Chantelle said they will have the official wedding ceremony in June. So don’t despair Grandma Mary Lee because we will be invited to the official ceremony. No having to crash the ceremony this time.

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