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R-Words: 40 years and holding

Washington’s head coach Ron Rivera along with Owner Dan Snyder are currently reviewing a new nickname for the team. Photo Credit: USA Today

With the Covid-19 showing no sign of going away, the league has to re-design how it will go about the season this year.  A plan from the league is to reduce Preseason from four games to just two games. However, the National League Players Association wants to shelve the 2020 season altogether. After a player’s representative vote, it was unanimous that they did not feel safe playing in a pandemic. Even with the leagues’ protocol on virus safety, there are many unanswered questions that players still have. One protocol the league will have in place is specially designed face masks and fines for off-field activities that violate Covid-19 safety guidelines.

A letter was directed to player agents to discuss risk factors and safety from the Center of Disease Control. It also directed players to consult their doctors as well. Any underlying medical conditions will also have to be considered. ‘I want out’ was the theme in Cleveland as Browns as TE David Njoku wants to be traded before training camp begins. Even though the Browns are still wanting to retain Njoku, a trade for a fourth or fifth round pick is inevitable. There are doubts about some teams’ playoffs aspirations this season. In Baltimore, Ravens fans are wondering if they will ever get a playoff win. A playoff record of 0-2 with their star quarterback sensation Lamar Jackson, failure to win in the playoffs cast a shadow of doubt. Another quarterback in question this season is Browns Baker Mayfield. A former Heisman Trophy winner in 2017, had a promising rookie season. “Mayfield was a victim of the “sophomore slump” chided the Captain.

Many hopes were riding on him but struggled offensively. Defensive coordinators now had tape on him to uncover his weak spots. Remembering and honoring his mother was Steelers RB James Conner. Conner took his mother totally by surprise by having her enter an empty house, now hers. “In my years of covering the NFL, it has been the dream of most players to be able to accomplish this, “stated the Captain. Also, on the bubble is Jets QB Sam Darnold whose past two seasons have not been ideal. Darnold has been brilliant at times spreading the ball around the field. Yet, the second half of the season last year he struggled throwing thirteen interceptions.  It appears the Jets are sending mentors his way with the likes of veteran QB Joe Flacco and RB Frank Gore.

Three minority owners are seeking to sell their shares of the Washington team. Minority Owners Robert Rothman, Dwight Schar and Frederick W. Smith stated they were not happy with Owner Dan Synder decision under pressure to change the team’s name. These three minority owners own 40% of the team itself.

“Admiral Giago’s forty-year struggle to get the team to change its racist mascot is now becoming a reality,” stated the Captain. Washington’s Head Coach Ron Rivera has been reviewing possible nicknames for the team with Owner Dan Synder. Public pressure after the death of George Floyd was the tipping point.  A nationwide movement has now been initiated to remove Confederate flags and statues along with mascots that are offensive to minorities.

All in on the idea of Washington changing its name is legendary RB Jim Brown. Brown states that changing the name of the team shows respect and moves towards equality.

However, we know the deep underlying motivation for changing the teams name and that is revenue. Washington was not allowed to expand Fed Ex Stadium until it changed its name. There probably wasn’t a choice for them to do so which led to this landmark decision.

Major investors also played a huge part in the name change. They are a group that controls over $650 million dollars of investments. A group that demanded that other corporations disassociate themselves with the mascot of the team. With these entities taking place, Synder had no choice but to cooperate unlike years past.

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