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Rapid City roads are a cause for “road rage”

The National Football League has played out the season, but as our master sports columnist, Kirk Dickerson, is finding out, season or not there is still plenty of horse trading and other activities going on the make the NFL almost a year-around story. You will see his End Zone column in this week’s paper.
James Giago Davies has been covering the boys and girls basketball season for us this year and has felt bad that he hasn’t been able to make it to the games on the reservations. However, he has made it a point to list the scores from the games played around the state every week. He is looking forward to the Track and Football season about to begin.
The other James Giago bought a new (used) car a couple of weeks ago and just like that, it broke down last week so he spent the Easter weekend with a mechanic friend getting it ready for the road again.
Kim Lathe has been working like the Dicken’s to get our Internet presence more noticeable. Check out website. We are trying to get as much news on that site as possible because there are not a lot of sites that carry local and national Native News out there.
Holly Wells, our intrepid sales representative, is famous around the office for the various goodies she brings to us for our daily snacks. They are usually packet with sugar and not good for us at all, but they sure are good.
Jackie Giago is the one who runs all of the city errands for us and she is quite upset by the horrible way the city has torn up the streets. It seems that our City Engineers must have got their engineering experience from a crackerjack box. Main Street it tore up and the other major thoroughfare, St. Joe, is also tore up, and just about every other street in the city is tore up. It used to take most of us about 15 minutes to get to work and now it takes about a half hour. Plus, setting in your care while the traffic is backed up for about a mile in every direction can be frustrating. Makes for bad tempers. Tim said Jackie is full of “road rage.”
We hope everybody had an enjoyable Easter and now we can all go back to work. Doksa ake’.

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