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Remembering the old jokes from Pejuta Haka

Little Notes Wowapi Cikala


It is fun when a younger person tells one of the jokes that came from Kyle more than 50 years ago: That is BCC; Before Commodity Cheese!

The joke goes, a Lakota mother gave her son some money and said, “As soon as it quits raining run down to Keiff’s Store and get me some cheese and crackers. I need a snack.” Just as soon as the rain stopped the boy ran to the store, bought the cheese and crackers and ran out of the door. As he jumped off of the porch he slipped and fell in a mud puddle. He shouted, “Jesus Christ, God Almighty.” He looked up from the mud puddle and saw a Catholic priest standing there. “What did you just say little boy?” grunted the priest. “Cheese and crackers got all muddy,” replied the boy.

These are some of the old jokes that came out of the Pejuta Haka Community many years ago. Kyle used to be the most progressive community on the reservation.

Here’s another; two elderly Lakota women were sitting on their porch on a warm summer evening listened to the night sounds. One was listening to the crickets singing and the other was listening to the church choir rehearsing across the street. Said the lady listening to the choir said, “They sound so wonderful tonight.” The lady listening to the crickets replied, “I hear they do it by rubbing their hind legs together.” Ahtah!

Timmy Giago III got in from Brookings and is working with Yolanda Thompson in the distribution and circulation department. He rode with her on the very long Pine Ridge – Rosebud route last week and was pooped when they finally got back to Rapid.

Leo Chases in Timber runs the Rapid City route and Timmy will be riding with him to learn that route this week. It is always good to have a backup driver in case one of the driver’s get sick.

Denise Giago lives in Oregon, but due to the magic of technology, she will be designing some of our ads from there. She used to work in production at Native Sun News Today before moving to Oregon. She says they should stop calling Oregon the Ducks because it’s been pretty dry up there of late.

It is good to have Ernestine Chasing Hawk back on the job. She is a great writer and has many, many connections and she has been doing some great stories for us. She lost a daughter not too long ago and like any mother, it has been tough going.

Speaking of Yolanda, her sister living in Missouri is very ill, probably terminally ill, and Yo is preparing to take a few days off to travel there to see her before it is too late. Our prayers are with her.

There has been a huge outpouring of sympathy for the death of Frosty Garnett e. He was Tim’s first cousin and they grew up together at Kyle and went to school together at the Holy Rosary Indian Mission at Pine Ridge.

Frosty was a cowboy all of his life and he loved his horses. He will be greatly missed.

Toksa ake’.

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