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Report from Centers for Disease Control

Report from Centers for Disease Control

By Clara Caufield,

NSNT Correspondent


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) held a ZOOM briefing for media regarding their efforts directed to the Native Americans and reservations. Native Sun News Today was one of the invited media.

The session was primarily conducted by Dr. Mary Wells, holding high-level CDC position, a citizen of the Blackfeet Nation, Montana, who was once actually posted to the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, early in her career.

With their hands full for the past two years of the COVID pandemic, CDC is now focusing upon communities of ‘disparity’, including Native Americans. Translated to English, that seems to mean ‘those who were hit hardest.”

Why? NSNT inquired.

“Some obvious reasons such as housing overcrowding, high exposure in small communities, lack of access to sanitation and so forth”, Wells speculated.

The CDC news was not particularly encouraging, giving the same old advice “Continue to wear masks, wash your hands, consult with your doctor if feeling any symptoms, etc.”

When questioned about the ‘long-hauler’ syndrome, where people suffer severe aftereffects of COVID for a long time, Dr. Wells responded “CDC is watching this, but does not have enough statistics or data available.  We are looking into developments for treatment.”

What are the next steps?

“It is a very complex situation,” the good doctor responded.  “We are equally frustrated with the situation and trying to come up with solutions.  We don’t know the severity of the disease we are dealing with.  We just suspect it will ‘go on’.”

At least they are telling the truth and have asked that NSNT shares this news with our good readers in the Great Plains Area.


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