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Reservation Dogs: Season 1, Episode 1

“F-----n Rez Dogs”

The new FX series ‘Reservation Dogs’ streaming on Hulu is giant step forward for Indian Country. There has been a gleaming spotlight on Native American artists showcasing their abilities to bring a show into mainstream media. The show follows four teenage friends growing up on an Oklahoman reservation, facing similar struggles as one would here in South Dakota reservations like violence or the death of a friend. 

As the series plays out, there is the “Rez humor” that is brought to the forefront sporadically along with familiar slang. Like other Reservations across the country, the characters in this show are a group of kids banding together, looking out for each other, and doing what they can to get by. These “Reservation Bandits” would be lurking in the night only to break into a residence in the same community to steal things like hot chips or a TV to sell for a quick buck.

A night running around in the community and being confronted by the Tribal cops does trigger some sort of memory where lights and sirens were observed all day and night. In this series, there is a new Officer that will be remembered for years to come, like Officer Walter Crow Horse (Thunderheart 1992) is now “Officer Big” played by Zahn McClarnon who has lineage to the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. 

The first episode introduces us to the main characters along with some very entertaining supporting roles – the Spirit World warrior is sure to become a fan favorite with his humorous, clever insights that involve historical happenings. 

Reservation Dogs approaches the harsh realities of Reservation life with humor and heart, while highlighting the friendships and community connections. We can’t wait to watch the next episode! New episodes will stream on Hulu every Monday – be sure to check it out.

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