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Rosebud Sioux Tribe holds primary elections

Antelope Community Election Committee:  Left to right: Marissa Long Warrior, Grace Menard, Vernette Long Warrior, Samuel White Horse. (Photo by Ronald L. Neiss, RST Election Board Member)

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe held their Primary elections across 22 community polling sites on Thursday July 22. Unofficial results have been released, with the official results announced after the challenge period ends on July 30. RST Election Board member Ronald L. Neiss traveled to nine of the polling sites last week to check on the Community Election Committee members at each location. Neiss told Native Sun News Today, “These good people are vital and essential to our election process.”

The RST General Election will take place on Thursday, August 26. The deadline to register to vote in the upcoming RST General Election is Thursday, August 12. Eligible Tribal Members who are 18 years or older have until 5:00pm on August 12th to register. For more information on Voter Registration, please contact the RST Election Board Office at (605) 747-3187 or stop by their office located in the lower east wing of the Tribal Annex Building.

Unofficial Primary Election results are as follows:

President: Scott O. Herman received 42.7% of votes with Rodney M. Bordeax coming in second with 27.1% of votes.

Vice President: Delores “Totes” Waln received 30.5% of votes, with William “Willie” Kindle coming in second with 29.8% of votes.

Secretary: Nicole R. Marshall received 41.28% of votes, with Louis “Wayne” Boyd coming in second with 29.73% of votes.

Treasurer: Stephan Denoyer, III received 33.3% of votes with Luti Stone Davis coming in second with 19.7% of votes.

Antelope Community Representative: Calvin E. “Hawkeye” Waln, Jr. received 26.2% of votes, with Jordan Rahn coming in second with 19.2% of votes.

Corn Creek Community Representative: Stanley Wooden Knife, Jr. received 45.6% of votes, with Gerald Black Bear, Jr. coming in second with 29.7% of votes.

He Dog Community Representative: Micah Lunderman received 42.9% of votes, with Royal Yellow Hawk coming in second with 40.5% of votes.

Horse Creek Community Representative: Fremont G. Fallis received 30.8% of votes, with Aaron Stoddard coming in second with 26% of votes.

Ring Thunder Community Representative: Martha Blue Thunder received 29.81% of votes, with Rose Two Strike Stenstrom coming in second with 27.94% of votes.

Rosebud Community Representative: Shere Wright-Plank received 29.4% of votes, with Dave Brushbreaker coming in second with 15.9% of votes.

St. Francis Community Representative: Raymond Crow Eagle received 21.2% of votes, with Michael R. Boltz coming in second with 19% of votes.

Swift Bear Community Representative: Dera Iyotte received 53.3% of votes, with Delano Clairmont coming in second with 31.3% of votes.

Soldier Creek Community Election Committee: Left to right: Marcel Black Lance, Leanora Fast Dog, Annabelle No Moccasin, Lincoln, Victoria Black Lance.  (Photo by Ronald L. Neiss, RST Election Board Member)


Parmelee Community Election Committee: Left to right: Donnie Clairmont Jr., Jade Burning Breast, Michelle Menard, Stephanie Young.  (Photo by Ronald L. Neiss, RST Election Board)


Left to right: Angela Brave Hawk, Irene Leading Fighter, Lorna Black Bull, Standing: Marlon Leading Fighter. Sicangu village Community Election Committee RST Primary Election July 22,2021. (Photo by Ronald L. Neiss. RST Election Board)


Upper Cut Meat Community Election Committee:  Left to right , Harold Little Thunder , Stephanie Little Elk , Eva Little Thunder , and Kimberly Burning Breast. (Photo by Ronald L Neiss RST Election Board)


He Dog Community Election Committee: Left to right. Winnie Medicine , Mona Medicine  (Photo by Ronald L Neiss , RST Election Board Member)


Corn Creek Community Election Committee: Left to right Kareen Fights Over , Selmar Quick Bear Sr , Mike Witt , Emily A Points At Him (Photos by Ronald L Neiss)


Ring Thunder Community Election Committee: Charity Blue Thunder (Photo by Ronald L Neiss RST Election Board)


Black Pipe Community Election Committee: Left to right Anna Eagle Bear , Heather Marshall , Wade Sanchez Jr. Seated : Cheryl White Bull (Photo by Ronald L Neiss , RST Election Board Member)

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