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Running like crazy into the fall season

Little Notes Wowapi Cikala


Michele Hudson comes into the office twice a week to do two very important jobs; she proof reads the newspaper before it goes to press and she acts as our official collector of bills. Both jobs are essential to a successful newspaper.

Michele is Tim’s daughter and at one time worked for Indian Country Today when it had an office in Albuquerque. She is the proud mother of 5 children. And oh yes, she is also a proud grandmother.

We call Michele Ista Wanbli, or Eagle Eye because she is so adept at catching minor errors in punctuation, spelling etc. There are some newspaper readers who just look for mistakes, especially editors of other newspapers. Ha!

All of us at Native Sun News Today have never seen a summer where the road repairs are so overwhelming. You can’t go anywhere without running into road construction. One of the busiest street, North Street East or North Street was in shambles for a little while and Omaha and West Chicago have been a mess all summer. People who have to drive on those streets to and from work are all on the verge of tearing their hair out. Do you suppose it will all end when the first snowstorm hits?

The Oyate Today television show has been renewed for another 13 weeks. We are pretty well booked for all of those shows, but if you have an idea of someone you think should be on the show just call Jackie or Richie at the newspaper and they will see what they can do to schedule them.

Right now we are faced with so many things happening in Rapid City such as the Native American Day Parade, the Black Hills Powwow and the upcoming Lakota Nation Invitational that we are running like crazy to keep up.

As we wrote in this issue of our newspaper, Indians spend millions of dollars shopping in Rapid City and are often treated like second class citizens. We are offering you a forum for complaints. If you believe you have been treated badly by any of the local car dealers or other merchants, send us a complaint to: Native Sun News Today, 530 Cambell St., Suite 3, Rapid City, SD 57701 and we will air it out for you.

We are going into a long, hot fall it seems. The weather in Western South Dakota is going to be unusually warm, but you can bet that it won’t last. Soon we will be complaining about the cold instead of the heat. You just can’t please us human beings.

Sorry but we didn’t have any jokes this week. It hasn’t been that funny around here. Ha!

Toksa ake’.

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