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She is afraid for the direction the OST is taking

To the Editor,

I am writing this in reply to some recent events that occurred on the Pine Ridge Reservation as of late. The OST Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer have had some failings that I am disturbed by and awaiting our tribal leaderships handling of.

For publication purposes “accusatory” will be the word to describe the OST Treasurer Mason Big Crows’ wife’s arrest in Pine Ridge for DUI and possession of drugs in an OST Tribal vehicle and the Assistant Treasure Garfield Steele being arrested for drug possession while his house was raided in Manderson.

The fact that the tribes Treasurers Office has ties to drugs and they are in maintenance of millions of tribal dollars and the access to it is staggeringly alarming. The fact that these two have a history of leadership in our tribe is more disturbing. I am afraid of this situation and what our remaining leaders will do. Are they tied to this drug business that’s taking over or are they strong enough to stand up to it?

This is shameful and embarrassing as a nation. I hope this sparks rage and wonder at our current state of affairs. I ask that our local papers do more coverage and honest coverage as this is an all- time low were in and we need better for our people. Prayers for OSTDPS and the officers involved. Prayers for the task force or team that is catching what or whom has escaped law enforcement for years, the drug dealers that plague this nation. The OST needs a stance that we deserve better and we won’t tolerate drugs especially in leadership.


Marguerite Old Horse

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