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Shooters Wood Fire Grill


By Grouchy
After a long day at work Grouchy was famished, it was Good Friday and Grouchy didn’t feel like cooking, so off to Shooters I went. It was early around 4:30 so they were not too busy, Grouchy was seated in the bar area. The restaurant was nice and clean, given everything over the past year with the outbreak, I know restaurants and bars have taken a big hit, so it is nice to see they keep up with the sanitizing.
My server, Nick was very polite and helpful, since Grouchy already knew what I wanted even before going in, he didn’t have to explain too much. However Grouchy put him through a bit of a question and answer just to see how knowledgeable he was, in happy to say Nick past the test.
Grouchy ordered a spicy Bloody Mary, since it was happy hour, to accompany my adult beverage, I had a side salad, Chicharrons and sweet potato fries, with fluff. What is fluff you ask, well as far as I’m concerned it should be put into the basic four food groups. You can tell how new a server is at Shooters if they know of and how to make the fluff since it is no longer on the menu but luckily Nick know how to make it, they still will not tell me exactly how to make it smart move on their part I guess, but it is this marshmallow cream with cinnamon, and I think a bit of cameral, you dip your sweet potato fries in it and oh baby is it good.
The salad was a basic salad with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and croutons, it was tasty. If you have the chance and they have some made they make the best ever green goddess dressing, but they were out, so ranch it was. The Chicharrones and sweet potatoes arrived, and Grouchy was in heaven. The Chicharrones are an appetizer, but Grouchy has learned that mix it with a salad and fries and that makes one great meal.
Chicharrons are described in the menu as “Delicious pork pieces fried to a golden brown and tossed in spices, served with 2 warm tortillas and a house-made chimichurri sauce.” Grouchy describes them as little gold nuggets that melt in your mouth. They are tasty! Grouchy is not too fond of the chimichurri sauce so I use BBQ sauce. They have changed the sweet potato fries to more like a crinkly cut jojo potato, which Grouchy loved, since there was a lot more surface for me to scoop up that amazing fluff.
Over all the meal was outstanding, the only thing I would have to say was the “Adult Beverage” was a bit lacking, all though it tasted fine, it was served in the smallest glass I think they could find, and had one olive and a half of a pickle spear, and when they say spicy they mean it. For a $5.00 happy hour drink it should have been a bit bigger, the water glass was almost three times bigger.
The total meal with drink came to $23.04 not too bad, since Grouchy had left overs for lunch. Nick was great, place was clean, several large tv’s to watch your favorite sporting event on, and a nice dining room on the other side of the bar, for family dinning.
Next time you are on the west side of town stop into Shooters for a bite, and for you old timers out there, this use to be the old Copper Pot, that was one of the fine dining restaurants back in the day in Rapid, boy that sure does show Grouchys age. Shooters is open for dine in, carry out, and delivery, hours are M-T 11 am – 9 p.m. F & S 11 a.m.-10 p.m. and Sunday 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Until next time stay safe and good eats.

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