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Some eye opening Covid-19 facts

Math does not belong to the colonizers. It belongs to every person. Any tribe can do math. There is important truth in math, truth that cannot be undone by emotions or propaganda. So here is actual math any person can do, and the numbers used in this math can be easily had by a quick internet search.

The first number is how many people are on this planet. As of March 2020, there are an estimated 7.8 billion people on the earth. Covid deaths are at 5 million. Let’s divide those deaths into the total population. This is the number we get: 0.00064103. What does that number represent? Well, one percent would be .01, so it is 6.4 percent of one percent.

There are 858,469 people in South Dakota and 2235 have died from COVID. Deaths are much worse than the worldwide tally: 0.0026, or 26 percent of one percent, but still a very small number.
Let’s take it down to the county level. Bennett County: 9 people have died. There are 3381 people in that county. That’s 0.0027, right at the national level. In Oglala Lakota County, 53 have died of COVID. The population is 13,672. COVID death is 150 percent worse in Oglala Lakota County: 0.0039, or 39 percent of one percent. In nearby Fall River County, where very few restrictions are in place, the death rate is 0.0033, almost the same as the rez, but higher than the state average because COVID deaths at the VA hospital are considered Fall River deaths. No deaths of children from COVID have been reported in any of these counties

But talk to people, yes, talk to people out there living the reality and you would think COVID is dropping people like nine pins, dropping them like the soldiers storming Omaha Beach on D-Day. COVID death is having such an impact on everyday life that unless you were told there was a pandemic, you would not even realize it. Not by driving around, not by going to work, not by going to school, not by going out for a bite to eat, not by attending a sporting contest.

Why is this so? Because like the rest of the country tribes were fed a COVID narrative by the media—and this is the media tribes don’t trust for any other information but suddenly when it came to COVID, the media’s take was gospel. Not to be challenged or questioned, but to be reacted to like a fish school panic when a shark attacks.

A handful of gargantuan investment companies own this media. Google it yourself, you spend all day on the phone anyway. Vanguard Group, State Street, BlackRock and a couple of others own all media outlets. Even the ones who you think are enemies. Yes, they own FOX, CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS. Just one big happy family. They also own Pfizer, Moderna, Merck and Johnson & Johnson, all the major pharmaceutical companies. Oh, you didn’t know that? My goodness, this is your lucky day. Take your phone, and for example, type in ABC major shareholders, and do that for any media or company you can think of, in any industry, and you will get these same investment companies.

Don’t you think that any tribe would do well to be wary of any information coming from people who own the media, own the drug companies, own the vaccine, and are giving it away free, yes—free! The only people paying for vaccines are the taxpayers, you and me, and it’s worth trillions in profits to the whole rotten network that cooked up this scheme.

So, congratulations, tribes, for once again being played by the white man like a hillbilly fiddle. Some of you will say, oh, but if one person dies that is one person too many! They worked hard to get you thinking that way, to get you that emotional, and afraid, because when you think like that, they own your mind, and they control you.


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