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some long-time IHS users

To the Editor,
As a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, I have always used Sioux San for all my health care needs. Recently, since GPTHB took over, I have been refused service because my paperwork wasn’t in order. I’ve had to prove myself repeatedly. I have a broken ankle and was seen at urgent care in Oyate Healthcare, got the X-ray to prove it is fractured, and cannot get it cared for because I don’t have any utilities in my name.
Utility bills are pretty much the only acceptable form of proof, or a paystub which I don’t get because it’s all done online and I’m locked out of the system.
I don’t know what to do to get my medical needs met. I don’t know how to prove myself to a place I’ve been going to for 52 years and I don’t think I’m the only one going through this struggle. I just hope our elders never have to go through all these hoops.
I never expected that a health care facility would deny me services, especially since it’s an HIS.
Thank you for being here.
Karla Scheutzow
Counties pass CO2 ordinances
To the editor,
Counties in SD that have passed CO2 pipeline ordinances protecting citizens and responsible land use deserve a huge THANK YOU!
As the SD Public Utilities Commission aptly confirmed, this is not just another pipeline. Hazardous CO2 pipelines are very different. The Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), the federal agency in charge of CO2 pipelines, has made it crystal clear that only states have the authority to regulate the location of these pipelines.In SD, that authority falls to the counties.
The two private companies that proposed to build CO2 pipelines in SD have used a combination of deliberate withholding of crucial information, misinformation and active intimidation, including lawsuits, to shut down attempts at establishing ordinances. The five counties that have passed ordinances have shown courage and a genuine vision for a long-range responsible future.
Recently, the SD PUC has unanimously denied permits for both CO2 companies. Summit Carbon Solutions (SCS) has announced its intention to reapply. SCS representatives are currently making the rounds and meeting with SD counties. They say that they will follow the PUC recommendation and work with counties. At the same time, SCS continues to push for no or weak, watered down ordinances. They have yet to release their rupture modeling. It appears not much has really changed. Past behavior is an excellent predictor of the future. As a landowner who has experienced and fought the bullying of pipeline companies, the view of the
bull looks different from inside the ring! Counties that have not yet passed CO2 pipeline ordinances need to do their job, protect their citizens and pass meaningful ordinances. We must put South Dakotans First. The safety of our residents must remain our paramount concern, and this project simply is not worth the potential threats it poses to our communities.
Orrin Geide
Hartford, SD
To the Editor,
At least 16 million Americans own AR-15 mass murder weapons. Why? Are they that evil or just that stupid? Clearly it’s both.
The AR-15 mass murder weapon was developed courtesy of the financial largesse of the American taxpayers during the illegal, immoral war of aggression against innocent Vietnamese peasants, over 3 million of whom were slaughtered en masse in America’s most horrific crime against humanity of the 20th Century.
You know what they say: “What goes around comes around.” The latest victims of the greedy, anti-American right-wing gun nuts at the Putin-owned National Rifle Association (now better known as the National Russian Association) are the innocent Americans in Lewiston, Maine who were murdered in mass shootings by a US Army reservist who, of course, is a long-time firearms instructor and fervent fascist NRA member, not to mention completely insane.
Ban assault weapons now! What are these pathetic patriarchal politicians of the GOP waiting for? Another Russian government cash deposit into their Swiss bank accounts? No more excuses! No more “thoughts and prayers”. The corrupt conservative NRA and their low-IQ, racist Republican homicidal hillbilly membership can burn in Hell eternally for all I and most Americans care! Any right-wing Republitarded politician in 2023 who AFTER EVERYTHING is still corruptly on the payroll of Vladimir Putin and the NRA needs to go directly to jail now, no trials necessary.
It’s long past time to put the FBI to work in rounding up these terrorist Trump cult members and throwing these low-life loser scumbag Trumptards UNDER THE JAIL where they belong. The NRA is a foreign-owned criminal operation that has been actively subverting American democracy for decades on behalf of Russia’s conservative kleptocracy, and as such it’s treasonous criminal leader Wayne LaPierre deserves to be tried, convicted, and executed forthwith.
Jake Pickering
Arcata, CA, USA

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